Shweta Ahuja

ECD & Founder at Aagneya Advertising

  • How does an advertising professional learn the art of media planning?

    hi Olivia. there are specialised courses for media planning. I’m sure you will be able to find full time as well as part time courses. But, another way which I believe is one of the best ways to learn is on the job. And this is where Advertising gives you the opportunity to explore, unlike some of the other fields, your potential. So I would suggest that first you look for an internship under a planner in a decent agency, work with him/her for sometime. And then if you feel it’s your thing, you can look for a course and study full time or part time. This way it will help you to grab the theoretical part better if you already have some practical knowledge.

  • How do you handle dissatisfied clients?

    hi Anushka. Thanks for asking this question since it’s a very important one. There are 2 reasons for dissatisfaction. 1. lack of correct communication 2. lack or faultering in operations. If you are true to his/her brand and are deligently working towards and for the brands needs your client will never be unhappy. the problem comes when due to any such reason as fear or lack of understanding we ignore the client or do not communicate with our client. So, the best thing to do is CALL or MEET the client (do not text or write a mail) and talk to them. Listen to what he/she has to say. Then solve the communication gap. Don’t be scared to accept your mistake. Just be honest - if you delayed a job apologise. If you did a mistake apologise. If the client is wrong then try to show them your point of view without taking the higher ground and being rude or disrespectful. Let me give you the key to any great client relationship - win the client’s trust. And never break the trust. Your client is also a human being. Step into their shoes and try to solve the problem guessing or knowing their perspective. And lastly, if the situation is out of hand or you are lost then please go to your senior for help. Don’t loose a client because of a mistake. cheers!

  • Can you tell us the key to building a creative strategy?

    hi Harshal. The key to building a creative strategy is know your Brand Purpose - the resin of your brand’s existence in your consumer’s life. Why he should let you/your brand into his/her life. from there everything is super easy. Because this is the answer to all the questions that arise when you make a creative strategy. Then there are lesser issues that can be solved by being relevant and exciting. Hope I was able to answer your questions. If you need to know more you can ask me more specific questions. cheers!

  • How do I prepare for an advertising interview?

    hi Anuj. Hope the times are treating you well. It’s pretty simple. There are some steps to it... 1. study about some good advertising examples like television commercials, print ads both current and old, some billboard advertising and advertising done by some big brands like Coke, McDonald’s, Nike as well as some young brands that you like and favour maybe like RAW, Being Human etc. And don’t forget to study about the agency you are going to for the interview. Try and study about some mnc’s in the industry as well - just a bit like who owns them, who are the insdusty stalwarts etc. 2. Be honest and truly interested in the field 3. go with an open mind - you have to win the interviewer over not by being over smart nor by acting scared. Be yourself. Being witty helps but in the right amounts. Just like any other interview you have to form an impression. Advertsing people like cool, street smart, intelligent, interesting people who can articulate their thought and views well 4. be respectful, remember the person sitting across the take knows much more than you and has earned the position he/she is at 5. be interested, ask questions so that even if you do not get through, you are more prepared for your next interview 6. lastly, enjoy yourself at the interview, what will happen is destined to happen ! All the best. cheers!

  • What do you do if an ad campaign is unsuccessful?

    hi Bhavyata, if an ad campaign is unsuccessful (which happens rearely, because a lot of background work goes behind it before we launch a campaign) the first thing that we do is to study it closely and see where we went wrong. It’s important to gauge where one has faultered because post that it’s easier correct ones mistake. Always remember, it’s human to err. But that’s the best part about life, it gives you chances to correct yourself. In Advertising you have conversations with your consumer. And most of the biggest brands have been the ones that have been honest with their consumers. So, if you have done a mistake it’s important to go back and correct it. Never let it be, thinking that people will forget it soon. This can prove lethal fo a brand.

  • What is the best way to get into the profession of advertising?

    hi Divya. The best way to get into Advertising, like any other professional field, is to take up a professional course. You should definitely go for a mass communication course from any reputed institute like MICA. Or depending on how much clarity you have on what stream to choose within Advertising you can choose to go for MBA, Commercial Art, English Hons. or any other specialised course like that. Over the years I’ve hired many such people who came from varied fuels like IT, Engineering or even Doctors. The one driving force for all of them was the fact that they all loved the process of ideating. So, honestly I don’t know at what stage of your education or career you are at, I would love to guide you and help you choose the correct path. So, you can chat with me, let me know a bit more about yourself and help you, if you like. Cheers!

  • What skills should an advertising professional possess?

    hi Firdaus, this is a very open ended question since there are many job roles in Advertising just like any other specialist field. However, let me try and answer this question for you. The most important thing anyone working in this field should be ‘interest in consuming advertising’. if you don’t like watching ads on tv, in newspaper/magazines or on billboards then you will not enjoy this field. One should have an inclination towards ideas and creativity. And lastly, one should enjoy thinking and solving problems or puzzles. If you have all the above three than I assure you that you will be super successful in this field. Now let’s talk about skills - this depends on what department you need to work in like you want to be a writer then you should know how to write (mass comm and English/Hindi hons.), in account management you need to have good PR skills (MBA with maybe a personality development course) or if you want to be an art director then relevant skill like visualisation, knowing the relevant softwares, with a keen eye for design and aesthetics. And then you have media planning, content departments, studio and many more. I’m sure if you have any 2 of the first 3 points I mentioned in the beginning, then you can find your place in Advertising and do really well. Hope I’ve been able to help. Cheers!

  • Do you think a creative campaign overshadows the advertised product or adds value to it?

    hi Ritika, I’m really impressed with your questions because this is a dilemma that many creative people face. But what is important to understand is that it’s not one or either. What you need to understand is that the work of creativity is to catch attention of the consumer to open up a conversation with the product. Hence, a creative campaign never can overshadowed a product/brand. A brand or a product fails to register when the strategic direction or if I put it a little more simply - the proposition is wrong. Let me explain with an example: Imagine if a chef is asked to prepare a chicken dish and it the end the dish is very good looking but tastes horrible, then what went wrong? Recipie, Ingredients or Garnishing? Creative execution is like garnishing. Hence the fault lies either with the ingredients (proposition) or Recipie (idea). Hence, the answer to your question is that a creative campaign is a must for any product/brand to become successful. But having said that you will see a few, very few, examples like Apple. Now that’s a completely whole new level of discussion. Hope I’ve been able to answer your question. Cheers!

  • How do you measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign?

    hi Garima. There are different ways to measure the effectiveness of a campaign depending on different medium like television, newspaper, digital, on-ground etc. Like have you observed that sometimes while watching an ad or a movie on tv some numbers appear on your screen? Thanks one way to check how many people are watching that particular spot and for how many seconds. Or for newspapers, like how many people call back on the numbers given in the ad, or log on to your website. And digital is the simplest to gauge for effectiveness of which is clearly demonstrated by how much your content went viral and leads were generated. So on and so forth. But having said that, when you do a campaign that’s covering all mediums, it’s easily gauged weather the campaign was a success or not. How? Your client starts getting response, cash registers ring and your campaign comes back to you in some way or other. And then finally there’s this solid legacy of research agencies. One at least in their lifetime (being in Advertising) once gets involved with a research agency. BUT let me tell you an amazing fact: after so many years, gauging the effectiveness of a radio campaign is still a Herculean task. To date an accurate way does not exist. Hope I was able to answer your question to some degree. Do connect if you need any further information. Cheers!

  • What is the best way to get into the profession of advertising?

    hi Debjeet. The best way to get into the field of Advertising is 1. through a mass communication course from institutes like MICA. or 2. through a specialised course like commercial art (art department), English Hons. (copywriter), MBA (account management) etc. You know like we have media planners, studio department, UI/UX designers etc. The ecosystem is very vast. And having said that, I have personally throughout my career, hired many people who came from a completely different education background but today are very successful Advertising professionals. Like you know people who were in IT/engineers. the only thing common in them was they need to do something creative. Hope I’ve been able to answer your question. Incase you have anymore questions please feel free to connect with me on chat. Cheers!

  • What are the tools required to create an ad campaign?

    hi Ritika. Since we are in a creative field that is very human in nature, I don’t think that tools play much part in building an ad campaign. However, to answer your question... the tools needed are: a solid research based strategy, a good proposition, a perfect brief with correctly defined objective and target audience. Then, an IDEA! And lastly software’s and skills to execute that idea in the most articulate way. Hope this is what you were looking for. cheers!

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of being in the advertising profession?

    hi Ritika. Lol... honestly I never thought of that. Never thought of the benifits or drawbacks of being in the advertising profession. Because like I tell most of the young people who come to meet me is that Advertising is not a job! It is a way of life. And just like life everyday you can better it, rework your mistakes, learn everyday and grow. But having said that let me try and answer your question... The benifits: everyday is a new day and there is no monotony, it’s a super creative field for someone who is a creative person and has a natural skill to express ones self creatively. It’s fun with rules and regulations that can be bent and recrafted as per convienience. It’s a very demanding and important job just like maybe that of a doctor’s or cop’s. Bosses are pretty cool in this field ;) And this field has no age bar, the only criteria being how updated you are with the times and relevant with the new generation. (I can leep going on and on though...). The drawbacks: you cannot be a slave to the click here. It’s not a 9-5 job. It’s a very challenging and competitive field. You are as good or relevant as your last job done. And you have to work on your own discipline and motivation here. The money comes at a much later stage in the career, BUT it comes with a lot of fame if you have earned it. Everday is a new day full of new challenges. Hope I answered your question to your satisfaction. cheers!