Shovona Karmakar

A freelance commercial photographer .

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  • When did you develop a passion for photography?

  • How to create images in low lighting situation?

  • What is the best way to put out content?

  • Other than photography, what are you interested in?

  • What lenses should a professional own?

  • Is the automatic mode useful?

  • What should one do to become a celebrity photographer?

  • Is there a photographer that you admire?

  • Which lens do you recommend for food photography?

  • What is the key to achieving sharp focus?

  • Is iPhone a good substitute to DSLRs?

  • What is the difference between raw and jpg files?

  • Is it important to stick to the rule of thirds in photography?

    not at all

  • What camera do you recommend for beginners?

  • What lens should one own to learn basic photography?

  • Which software do you recommend to edit photographs?