Shiv Rawat

AVP, National Head HR at DTDC

  • What do you think the impact of implementing technology in HR can be?

  • How was your experience with your first job?

  • What motivated you to choose this career?

  • What are the 3 things every successful human-resource-professionals must-have?

  • What is your biggest concern at your job? How do you manage it?

  • What is that one revolutionary HR policy that you have come across?

  • How important it is to invest in employee well-being?

  • What are the top three skills that an HR must have?

  • How much of Digital transformations in HR is hype and how much reality? Do you think striking an optimal balance between technology and human touch is the need of the hour?

  • Considering the current pace of things that are impacting the world of work, what are the three key qualities that leaders should have?

  • How do you measure the engagement in an employee?

  • How would you like to motivate young HRs?

  • What is your experience of working as an HR in your current organization?

  • What do you feel the role of HR will be in 2025?

  • What was the most challenging moment in your career?