Shilpa Mittal

Masters in food and nutrition

  • How does one find out whether or not they are getting the required nutrients?

    Blood parameters right from basic to advanced including micronutrients can be done. Also how is the person feeling, active lethargic, any plains, any clinical symptoms can help the person decide

  • Is it good to take in nutrient supplements?

  • How did you rise in your role as a nutritionist, what career hacks can you share?

    Am always consistent in sharing my knowledge on social media, giving results as per my scientific knowledge, I am very passionate and dedicated to what I do

  • What role did your educational background play in your career?

    The knowledge I have today is all thanks to my degrees

  • How often do you indulge in cheat meals?

    I don't believe in cheat meals, but eating in moderation,being fully aware of helps, so basically mindful eating

  • When did you step into the field of nutrition?


  • What is your favorite meal?


  • What are the good sources of protein for vegetarians?

    all pulses, legumes , sprouts, nuts, seeds

  • Chocolate has some benefits. Is it safe to eat chocolate in moderation?

  • How does one become a nutritionist?

    By undergoing a graduate course in food science and Nutrition or Dietitics, applied Nutrition or clinical Nutrition and subsequently doing a post graduate in the same

  • For underweight individuals, what food should one inculcate in their diets without gaining excessive weight?

  • What kind of fat is good to consume?

    Good fats like Omega 3, sometime know as essential fatty acids ie the body can't make it so need to be provided through diet, so nuts like almonds, walnuts flaxseeds are all good

  • What food should and should not be consumed during pregnancy?

  • Does medication interrupt one's appetite or diet?

  • Is it important to completely rule out sugar from the diet?

    Not necessarily...if you are healthy, exercise and have in moderation no issues

  • Since you are a nutritionist, do your family and acquaintance use this to their benefit?

    yes most of the time.... but each family has their shares of ups and downs too

  • What is your guilty meal?

    For me no food is good or bad, only foods which give ur body energy and one which take away, eating things in moderation when you desire gives one freedom to eat and thereby leading to less chance of overeating.... hence the guilt

  • When did you decide that you wanted to be a nutritionist?

    when I was in my second and had to chose a specialization

  • Are online blogs and vlogs a good source of learning nutritional science?

    please check the writer's credential, if from a qualified Nutritionist go ahead

  • What course should an aspiring nutritionist sign up to become a professional?


  • Is it necessary to have a keen interest in cooking to become a nutritionist?

    No, but the basics will help you understand food at molecular level

  • What is your go-to diet?

    something which one can stick to throughout his or her life and their is no going on or off it

  • Is it important to constantly measure and regulate calorie intake?

    absolutely no, till the time you are eating more of natural foods, less of processed foods, you are on healthy track and calories can be miss leading a full meal consisting of roti veg rice dal can give 350-400cal whereas just 2-3slices of pizza will provide with the same calories, look into other nutrients too not just calories

  • Is it important to wave off junk food from our diets?

  • What is healthier, rice or roti?