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Shashi Tharoor is an eminent Indian Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, who also served as Under-Secretary-General at the United Nations. He also serves as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs and the All India Professionals Congress.

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  • The Indian rupee is in a free fall, fuel prices are rising and the stock market is plunging. What is your take on such developments?
  • The federal government has pegged the current economic scenario on external reasons – global markets and not internal – policy matters. What’s your view on this?
  • If elected, do you think the Congress can offer solutions to the current economic problems?
  • What will be the Congress’ narrative of a ‘New India’?
  • Are you surprised by the way Rahul Gandhi has emerged over for the past few months as a potential leader against Narendra Modi?
  • What is the difference between the Congress under Rahul Gandhi and the Congress under Sonia Gandhi?
  • The Congress is facing a leadership crisis, which escalated further after the lone Rajya Sabha seat was handed over to the Kerala Congress. Your comments?
  • Your father worked for The Statesman newspaper. Was politics at all a part of your daily life in anyway? How did you encounter it?
  • Growing up in a socialist India, how were your beliefs and assumptions? If you think about somebody of your background, your class, growing up now, what would be the most radical points of difference?
  • Do you think that the long distance nationalism of the Indians abroad is actually a dangerous thing?
  • Do you think that you lost your freedom of expression when you became a politician?
  • Do you think that the media is responsible for a certain dumbing down?

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