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  • India was one of the first markets to receive the Huracan Evo. So, would it be safe to say that India is a priority market for Lamborghini?
  • How much do you see the Huracan Evo adding to your supersport sales?
  • Do you see any demand for electrification?
  • Were you surprised by the response that you received for Aventador SVJ?
  • Are there any updates for the Urus?
  • Are you doing anything in terms of used cars?
  • Are you going to increase your dealership base?
  • If you didn’t have restrictions in terms of supply, how many units of the Urus could you sell in India?
  • How has the current market sentiment affected your segment?
  • Do you foresee a change in customer sentiment looking ahead?
  • Recently, we’ve seen a lot of electric hyper-cars being launched. Is it possible to imagine a ‘Raging Bull’ being electric?
  • How has the Indian business been?
  • After the Urus, has there been a decline in supercar demand?
  • You see a lot of Urus deliveries, especially on Instagram. How many cars have you’ll be delivered till now?
  • In terms of supercar sales, do you outsell your rivals?

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