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  • What does a day in the life of Saurabh Varma looks like?
  • Who are the icons that have inspired you to grow and strive for excellence?
  • What would be your words of wisdom for young professionals who look up to you?
  • Is considering industry growth figures important for an agency?
  • How has been the journey so far in these 18 months at Leo Burnett ?
  • What were the changes or reinventions you did after joining Leo Burnett as a CEO?
  • How have you performed on people, product and profits all together?
  • Are you looking at hiring more talent?
  • How has the change in strategy impacted your other arms like Orchard and Indigo?
  • What are the changes you have made in Leo Burnett 2.0?
  • Leo Burnett has been criticized for being too skewed towards awards. What's your take on creative awards?
  • How does your team pitches to a certain client?

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