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  • You are an inspirational HR veteran having vast experience with various fortune 500 companies across the world. How do you look at your career journey today? And what have been the key milestones in your life?
  • The employee experience is the future of work? How are you designing and shaping compelling experiences for your employees?
  • What are the Top 5 HR trends in 2020?
  • What is your advice to HR professionals who aspires to be in your shoes one day?
  • There is an increasing fear of layoffs in IT services industry. Do you believe it is real?
  • We saw the call for unionising in 2007-08? Now it seems to be coming back. Is there a challenge?
  • Is involuntary attrition is across the board or that 10-15 years of experience level?
  • A few Wipro employees say the company has initiated something called Band Inertia as part of the appraisal system. How does it work?
  • While a large chunk of mid-level employees seems to be at risk, companies look for special skills in digital technology amongst fresh graduates. What kind of skill sets do you expect employees to have?
  • For three decades, governments looked at IT services companies for mass hiring. Will it change now?
  • How does Wipro deal with culture change?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing HR today and how can it prove its relevance within its organization and bring strategic value?
  • How does Wipro deal with Technological Disruptions with respect to workforce?
  • Can you tell something about Wipro's internal social network Yammer?
  • Attrition has been dipping steadily quarter-on-quarter, while your peers struggle with rising attrition. What has Wipro done differently?
  • While Infosys and TCS have posted stellar utilisation rates of 82.7 per cent and 86.7 per cent, respectively, in Q3, Wipro’s has fallen. Why?
  • The Open Source practice was to be scaled up from 3,000 to 10,000 people. Has it been done?
  • What is the progress on the Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) programme launched last year?
  • Are you planning to give employees a 100 per cent variable payout as Infosys and TCS did in Q3?
  • Considering that mid-level employees are coming under the scanner, what are your plans?
  • Your net employee addition is a low 2,268 in Q3 compared to TCS’ 9,071 and Infosys’ 5,407. How do you rationalise these low numbers?
  • Why has employee utilisation dropped by 4.3 percentage points to 78 per cent this quarter, which is way below TCS’ 84.9 per cent and Infosys’ 80.6?
  • What are the Talent challenges with IT Companies currently?
  • Spiralling attrition rates which plagued Wipro for long have been successfully stabilised through the last six quarters. Have you reached your sweet spot?
  • How is Wipro gearing up to adopt new technologies?
  • Are employees showing any urgency when it comes to acquiring new skills?
  • Is your attrition rate falling?
  • What kind of wage hikes are likely at Wipro?
  • Any plan to reduce the employee headcount?
  • Are startups attracting talent from Wipro?
  • What are your views on Digital Transformation nowadays?
  • What should be a key focus for all businesses during the next decade?
  • What are several approaches that will enable the skilling and re-skilling required to thrive in the digital world?
  • According to media reports, thousands of IT jobs are at stake, Companies hiring fresh graduates and laying-off mid and senior-level employees to clean out Pyramid. How do you see this?
  • Should companies strive to bridge the multigenerational workforce gap?
  • Will Crowdsourcing expertise become common as many companies are doing it today?
  • Can you tell something about Topgear?
  • Is involuntary attrition across the board or that 10-15 years of experience level?
  • Attrition rate is a big challenge for Industries. You have successfully reduced attrition in the quarter to September to 17%, lower than previous quarters. What is the current attrition rate at Wipro and what are your HR initiatives to curb employee attrition?
  • A few Wipro employees say the company has initiated something called Band Inertia as part of the appraisal system. How does it work?
  • Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workforce, the workplace and culture transformation. Where does Wipro stand today and how do you manage these changes?
  • How do you see the job market for IT professionals and what is your hiring plan for the coming year?
  • Tell us about Wipro’s work culture, what are the values and behavior of your company culture? And why is it a great place to work?
  • According to the India Inc study, Wipro reported the highest increase in the number of sexual harassment complaints in FY19. How you have been able to manage the awareness?

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