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About Saroj Khan

Nirmala Nagpal, popularly known as Saroj Khan is one of the most prominent Indian dance choreographers in Hindi cinema. She was born at the Bombay State, India. With a career span of over forty years, she choreographed more than 2000 songs and is known as "The Mother of Dance/Choreography in India".

Connect with Saroj Khan's life

  • What do you think of the various dance reality shows on TV?
  • Has choreography turned into a business now?
  • How has dance evolved in the last two decades?
  • In the early 90s when you did three shifts a day, what was the role of a dance number in a movie?
  • Does the present state of choreography upset you?
  • You’ve often spoken of your healthy dislike for item numbers, why is that?
  • What do you feel your moves continue to inspire?
  • You’re known to be a task master? Were actors scared of you?

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