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Saina Nehwal is an Indian professional badminton singles player. A former world no. 1, she has won over 24 international titles, which includes eleven Superseries titles. Although she reached the world's 2nd in the 2009, it was only in 2015 that she was able to attain the world no.

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  • Vimal Kumar mentioned that your challenge is more mental than physical. Tell us more.
  • What do think of the new breed of Chinese shuttlers like Sun Yu, Chen Yufei, and He Bingjiao, who have moved up the ladder ever since Li Xuerui, Wang Yihan quit?
  • Tell us about how you coped after losing out to the All England Badminton Open to Carolina Marin. How did you bounce back?
  • Are you friends with some of your professional rivals?
  • What has been the hardest time in your career?
  • What are the challenges of being a sportswoman in India?
  • What do you make of Sania Mirza becoming No. 1 in tennis women’s doubles during the same time? Do you feel a connection with her as a duo who is breaking new ground for Indian women in sports?
  • What was it like moving to Bangalore after leaving Pullela Gopichand?
  • How did it feel like being World No.1 after winning the Indian Open title in 2015?
  • What do you think about Sania Mirza becoming the number one in tennis?
  • When was that exact moment that you finally decided you had to move on from Gopichand?
  • How do you keep your focus despite setbacks?
  • How do you deal with setbacks? And what is your advice to young players about dealing with setbacks?
  • You have always spoken highly of your coach and mentor Mr Gopichand. How important is the role of a mentor?
  • From whom do you draw inspiration?
  • China, though, continues to be a problem for India. They had blocked Gopichand’s path, now they have even tried to stall you as well. What explains their domination?
  • Aparna Popat, former world No. 16 and one of India’s finest badminton players, has seen the sport morph from a niche discipline to one that is followed by the masses today. And she feels that you have played a big role in that transition. But why has your brand not made that much of an impact?
  • How much time does it take to recover after a sports injury and get back on track?
  • How did it feel when you first eat the Chinese at their own game in 2009?
  • What was your most best game ever?
  • Is sponsorship a problem for badminton players in India?
  • Did you ever think of playing another sport?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Was it any easier to have a spouse as inclined as you are in badminton?
  • You called Tai Tzu Ying as a complete player , why is that so?
  • How did it feel to win the maiden Asian games medal in 2010 to 2014?
  • How has life changed after something big like marriage? Are you able to dedicate the same amount of time to Badminton or has there been some change?
  • Your coach Vimal Kumar , recently lauded you for being quit a tough person? how does that make you feel?
  • How are you preparing for the All Englands Championship?
  • Was 2018 quit a tough year?
  • What about 2019 , will it be a difficult year ?
  • How does social media help in boosting your personal brand? How has it helped you professionally?
  • How does social media help you in engaging with your fans? How often do you interact with them?
  • What was your primary reason to get on social media? What is your approach towards it? Read more at
  • You follow a tough training schedule. What is it like?
  • How do you keep your focus despite setbacks?
  • A lot of sports persons have started entrepreneurial ventures like opening sports academy, restaurants and so on. Do you have any entrepreneurial ambitions?
  • How do you handle success and not let it get the better of you?
  • What do you do in your leisure time when you are not playing badminton?
  • I like to go shopping in my free time. I also make it a point to catch up on my sleep in my off days. Occasionally I’ll go and check out the latest Hindi movie release.
  • How much of a priority is a podium finish in the upcoming Olympics for you?
  • You have always spoken highly of your coach and mentor Mr Gopichand. How important is the role of a mentor?
  • What was going on in your mind when you played the match against PV Sindhu in the Commonwealth Games?
  • What are your thoughts on the PBL (Premiere Badminton League) this year?
  • Describe your experience and tell us what you learnt facing Asian Games champion Tai Tzu-Ying.
  • How would you advise P.V. Sindhu to prepare to take on Tai Tzu-Ying?
  • With the Olympics on the horizon, you are India’s biggest hope in badminton. Are the expectations of the country a burden on you? Does the pressure affect you?
  • Can you tell us about your training schedule?
  • You had been signed up by Olympic Gold Quest. What role has it played in your success?
  • What do you do in your leisure time when you are not playing badminton?
  • How was the pressure while playing Sindhu in the 2018 Commonwealth Games?
  • How did you approach the Commonwealth final? You have a better head-to-head record against Sindhu. What did coach Gopichand tell you?
  • How tough was recovery between matches?
  • How would you describe your experience at the 2018 Commonwealth Games?
  • What was the challenge of facing someone from your own country?

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