Sachin Chauhan

Nature and architectural photographer

  • What is the key to achieving sharp focus?

    hello , it happen many times that we see image on view finder looks sharp but when we edit it . it looks bit hazy . so , there is one tip I would like to give you to get sharp focus . put the lens on manual focus and set the camera on screen mode . now zoom in to the subject using zoom button ( not zoom ring of lens) and rotate the focus ring to get the best focus . once you adjusted the focus , just zoom out and click the shot .

  • How did you step foot into photography?

    hello , we don't step into a career we are not passionate about . passion is very important and dedication comes next . photography used to be my hobby during my college time , later when i started doing job in a good MNC as data analyst it became my passion and thats when i realized I am no more interested in 9-5 job and took the decision to step into world of photography professionally and if it didn't go well , I will come back to corporate life . but thankfully , that day never came .

  • What should one do to photograph objects in low lighting space?

    hello , try using wider aperture lens like 1.4 or 1.8 at smallest f number or biggest aperture which is 1.4 or 1.8 in this case . if you have only kit lens , use it on f3.5 . if it is still dark , setup the Tripod and shoot the object with slow shutter. experiment with slow shutter speed . i won't advice taking up the ISO if you have Tripod and can shoot in slow shutter as taking up the shadow will increase the noise in the image .

  • Is it important to stick to the rule of thirds in photography?

    hello , i would say . No . these rules are made just to give you an idea about the composition but they should not be followed everytime . telling from my experience . many times , they don't look as soon as the picture taken without it . so it is upto you . knowing about this rule give you an advantage of using it . but it is not mandatory to follow it .

  • What lenses should a professional own?

    hello , thats a complicated question . you should have added the genre of photography professional in the question as every professional use different lens . as i am answering it , and i am Nature and architectural photographer i can tell you from my perspective and the way i use them . i use one wide angle lens which is tamron 11-16 f2.8 for wide Nature/ landscape shot and projects related to architectural photography , 50mm 1.8 prime lens for shooting portraits , dogs while hiking or in free time , 24-70mm zoom lens as if gives me very sweet focal length and at last i use 70-200mm f4 telephoto lens which I use to capture mountains mainly. so basically this kit , gives me all range from 11-200mm . I hope it will help.

  • What lens should one own to learn basic photography?

    hello , to start with photography and learn basics of it . kit lens which comes with camera is more than good . infact whenever i use my crop sensor camera i prefer using kit lens which is 18-55mm in my case . believe me , that lens is really good . i sell photos online and many of photos which i sold was shot with 18-55mm only in crop sensor . i hope this will help .