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  • Could you please introduce yourself, professionally and academically ?
  • In what manner are the education levels, of elected representatives and people, and poverty factoring in the development process?
  • In your opinion, what is the kind of experience lawyers would be exposed to if associated with the Swaniti initiative?
  • Can the opportunities provided to lawyers at Swaniti initiative be said to be challenging?
  • What would be your message to law students and young lawyers who want to pursue a career in the entrepreneurship or their own start-up?
  • How was your experience of working at the world bank and what was your area of work there?
  • Why did you quit your job at world bank ?
  • Can you elaborate on the two books written by you?
  • One of your books ‘frontiers in development policy’ looks to foster discussion among policy makers on growth and development. Would you say this is possible and if yes, to what extent?
  • How far do you think the insights provided by you in your book have been incorporated?
  • How did you come about setting up of Swaniti initiative?
  • Could you elaborate on the kind of work you are involved in through this initiative?
  • Do you think that the high difference in the people ratio is the main problem leading to all the developmental problems?

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