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  • How has your time in the PR industry been?
  • You are one of the few female entrepreneurs in the PR industry. How has the journey been as an entrepreneur? What are your key learnings?
  • Have you faced any kind of gender bias in your career? Any anecdote that you would want to share with us?
  • How supportive are the men in your personal and professional life?
  • How inclusive is the PR industry?
  • Is the PR industry also under the pay gap syndrome? If yes, why is it so?
  • How do you keep women motivated at your workplace? How is the environment for working mothers?
  • What is the major challenge to women leadership in the PR industry?
  • What is the message you would want to give to young, aspiring women entrepreneurs?
  • As a Founder of Kommune Brand Solutions, what is it that you are doing differently?
  • How has the profession of Public Relations evolved over the years?
  • How is Kommune different from other PR agencies?
  • What were some of the key findings of the 1st edition of the TechKomms report unveiled by Kommune recently on Public Relations and Communication trends in the ICT domain?
  • Tell us about your journey of getting into the world of Public Relations?
  • You had written in an article that entrepreneurship in India has largely been “an urban, big city phenomenon”. Why is it important to encourage women entrepreneurship in smaller towns and how can that be done?
  • After launching, a “one-stop knowledge hub” for any aspiring woman entrepreneur, what are your plans for reaching out to women entrepreneurs across boundaries?
  • What do you do to ensure work-life balance?
  • You love to travel the world and have a taste for good things. How does one manage to keep up with these interests in a fast-paced world?
  • What are the tips you would share with aspiring PR professionals?
  • How has been the growth rate for Kommune over the years?
  • Kommune unveiled key findings of the 1st edition of TechKomms report recently on Public Relations and Communications trends in the ICT domain. Can you share a few details of the findings with us?
  • How can you trace your growth over the years in the industry?
  • Tell us something about your venture 'Sheatwork’.
  • What is your 5-year growth plan in the industry?
  • How has your association with exchange4media been?
  • What is your message to the young PR professionals?

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