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Winner of the 'Designer of the Year' award at the Indian Fashion Awards in 2006 and 'Designer of the Year' at the Kingfisher Fashion Achievement Awards in 2001.

Connect with Rohit Bal's life

  • What do you think about the current state of the fashion industry?
  • What keeps you away from designing costumes in Bollywood films?
  • You came of age in the Nineties. What was it like then for fashion designers?
  • People had to surmount all sorts of obstacles at the time. What was special about the creative tribe back in your nineties?
  • Your early menswear collections really pushed the envelope. With the whole gender-neutral clothing movement making waves internationally, do you think Indian menswear will also see some drastic shifts?
  • Do you feel Indian designers are only designing for the wedding market? If yes, should that change?
  • Have you ever thought of taking legal action against people who plagiarise your designs? How does plagiarism affect a designer’s business?
  • Comparing to design clothes at your young stage to the one being designed by people now, do you feel any drastic change?
  • You have been in the industry for so many years. How does one stay relevant in such a competitive market?
  • Why do people find you so interesting?
  • Do you think it is because of your persona or your power that no one in the media critiques a Rohit Bal line, even when ideas of sameness pervade?
  • It is difficult to rationalise your yearning for reclusiveness when one sees the predictable Delhi society as your showstoppers. Hardly the choice of a recluse. What do you think about this?
  • What are your fondest memories of the Nineties?
  • When you had started your career, media coverage was low whereas now its influence is vast. How important do you feel the media is?
  • Has the media ever really frustrated you?How do you handle something like that?
  • Your early menswear collections really pushed the envelope at the time – guys in skirts with nose rings. Were you trying to be radical?
  • How open to your ideas were male models of the 90’s?Was it a cooler time?

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