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  • How has been the growth of Moonshine Meadery?

    The growth till now has been fantastic. Moonshine meads are currently available at close to 250 retail stores and restaurants across Pune and Mumbai in about 6 months.

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  • How do you make sure to leave a corporate job and change your line of work completely?

    Over a period of 14 years, we both gained experience that was valuable when we started Moonshine. The fact that we’ve been friends for so long makes it comfortable for us to be in sync when we’re working in tandem. However, our candor and direct approach are also reflected in the way that everyone in our team communicates. We follow a flat organizational structure with no CxO positions or traditional designations. Moonshiners ’ success will always be a team effort and that thought is visible in every one of us Moonshiners!

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  • How are the responses that you get towards the mead?

    The love and feedback that people have responded with have made us very happy. People don’t just enjoy it as a new product in the market, but evaluate it for what it is and frequently come back for more. One of the earliest indicators of this was when our meads were launched and started selling out at the first few stores; customers took photos of empty shelves and sent it to us on social media, requesting us to restock as soon as we could. This was even before the stores themselves could formally place an order! People look at us as an approachable company and that level of engagement has been maintained over the last 6 months. Our motive is to interact with our audience as we would want a brand to interact with us. Whenever you message us on social media, it is a Moonshiner from our own team that responds. We also understand that while Mead is a 9000-year-old tipple, it is still a brand new product in modern India and we’re reaching out to an audience that may have a preconceived perception of a honey-based product being overly sweet. We thus try to educate our retailers and our consumers about mead, bust some myths, and urge them to not miss an opportunity to try something new.

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  • What kind of mead do you offer and the process involved, including the ingredients?

    Today, the Apple Cyder Mead and the Coffee Mead are our two flagship styles that are sold in restaurants and retail across Pune and Mumbai. These make use of apple juice procured from Kashmir and coffee (that is cold steeped into the mead) from Chikmagalur, Karnataka respectively. Joining these is the Traditional Mead, made from water, yeast and unique single-source honey (currently made solely from honey that the bees create using nectar from the flowers of the Ajwain plant). Within meads, however, styles and flavours are limitless and only constrained by one’s imagination. The diversity of nature is reflected in the versatility of meads. We channel this through our experimental side in the form of our Mead Lab creations – some examples of which are the Guava Chilli Mead, a Jamun Mead, a Smoked Mead, a Kaffir Lime & Vanilla Mead and a Bourbon Oaked Apple Mead. Moonshine’s meads are 100% natural and gluten-free, with no added sugar or artificial flavour, colour or aroma.

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