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Founder & CEO of OYO Rooms, the largest hotel network with over 100000 rooms in over 300 cities across India. Having taken the entrepreneurial plunge when he was still in his teens, Ritesh Agarwal is one of the youngest millionaires in India.

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  • While India and China remain your biggest markets but how do you see the graph moving ahead particularly with respect to your US foray?
  • Talking of innovation, when you say you will be the world’s largest hotel company, how does the innovation look to you from the top?
  • How have you deployed technology both on the supply and demand side?
  • Having scaled significantly both as a business and an entrepreneur, any thoughts on giving back to society?
  • What are your marriage plans since you are probably among the most eligible bachelors of India Inc.?
  • Can you talk about one experience which has proved to be insightful for you?
  • How do you monitor the distribution of Oyo properties?
  • What are the most consistent features of hotel industry?
  • OYO expands international presence, enters Sri Lanka
  • How did OYO Rooms come into being?
  • What is the USP of OYO Rooms, what makes it stand out?
  • What advice would you give to the young and budding entrepreneurs out there?
  • OYO to buy back Rs 50 crore worth shares from existing, past employees in January

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