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Ricky Thomas Ponting is an Australian former cricketer who was the country’s premier batsman in the 1990s and early 2000s. Ponting holds the record of being the only cricketer in the history of Test cricket to be a part of 100 Test match wins. He led Australia to victory at the 2003 and 2007 Cricket World Cups and also played for the 1999 World Cup winning team under Steve Waugh.

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  • Watching the ball is a simple idea to follow, but were there times when you were thinking less about the ball than fighting it out with the bowler who delivered it?
  • Can you remember times when the one-on-one battle did work for you and others when it didn’t?
  • Kim Hughes was a hero of yours starting out. What most grabbed your attention and made you want to emulate him?
  • Why was it that you struggled against spin bowling?
  • You found reading length against a good spinner the most challenging task?
  • Mohammad Azharuddin was the source of a lot of that advice about playing in India. How did you get talking?
  • Against fast bowling, from an early age you’d been used to big guys trying to knock your head off, so it didn’t feel too uncomfortable when you entered Test cricket. But was there anything you did in particular that made you relish that?
  • Later in your career when the pull shot and the short ball were causing you some trouble, you said it would have been like cutting a limb off to not play it. What made you say so?
  • You mentioned Ian Young, Rod Marsh and Greg Shipperd were your three major mentors. How important do you think it is to get the best possible coaching at that early stage, rather than later, when you’re already in international cricket?
  • When Steve Waugh became Test captain in 1999 and there was a bit of shuffling going on in the batting order, you reckoned he should have been at three at that time. You’ve always advocated that the best player in a team should be at three. Why?
  • What was a strength you always had and what was another you had to work hard to bring to your game?
  • As for weaknesses, you’d say spin bowling was the one you started with based on nurture?
  • Was there something you never worried about to begin with but crept up on you later on?
  • You couldn’t fathom the decision to dump Simon Katich from the list of contracted players. Did you feel that among the general public there were a lot of calls for you, Hussey and Katich to go without an understanding that there wasn’t the talent underneath to replace you?
  • As a player you were an outstanding batsman for your time. When Australian cricket was becoming dominant, the way you played suited that mindset. The strength of the players around you gave you licence to play the way you did. How did you make use of that?
  • Was there a lack of leaders in the Australian side that you inherited from Steve Waugh?
  • Do you think that the qualities one needs to have to lead have to be evident pretty early?
  • What are your views on Kohli-Tendulkar comparison?
  • Who are your favourite T20 players to watch?
  • How difficult was it to take over the mantle of captain from Steve Waugh?
  • Captaining Australia in World Cup 2003, what went through you mind after putting 359 on the board in the final. Did you see the game as over, or did you still have a doubt?
  • After scoring a century in the final of the 2003 World Cup, what did you do in the one-hour break between both innings? What went through your mind?
  • Kohli, Smith, Root. How would you compare the three, and if you had to make one pick, which would it be?
  • Over the past couple of months we’ve seen ODI and T20I records broken. How would you explain this phenomenon – have batsmen just taken things to the next level?
  • You’ve played T20 cricket briefly, and you’re now a coach. How much has T20 cricket changed over the past couple of years? 
  • What are your views on the ball tampering incident involving Steve Smith?
  • On the 1999 tour of Sri Lanka you played very well at No. 6, but you never enjoyed batting there. Why?
  • What elements of that success can you now pass on to the likes of Shaun Marsh and Usman Khawaja?
  • One of the recurring events for you was the close and unfortunate run-out. One thing the run-outs all had in common was that you never dived for the crease. Why have you never done it or considered it?
  • How can a young batsman learn the art of concentration and batting long hours if not by doing it in the middle?
  • What are your views on sledging?
  • When you lost the captaincy, what was your motivation to keep playing?
  • Australia used to regularly pick batsmen 20, 21 years of age to make their debut but since you debuted 17 years ago, it seems that there’s been many more mature-aged debutants than younger guys. Can you point your finger at any reason for that?
  • Is there anything you would have done differently as a Captain if you had your time over?
  • Biggest disappointment of your career?
  • What’s the biggest change in Australian cricket since you started playing?
  • There was a time in your life when you were an angry young man. What changed that do you reckon?
  • As you get older the balance between family and cricket alters quite a bit. How hard was that change to adapt to?
  • Can Australia win the 2019 World Cup?
  • Are injuries to important bowlers like Josh Hazlewood and Michelle Starc going to affect Australian team at the World Cup?
  • Is it normal for a player to have bad patches overseas?
  • Should Captains have a say in the selection of players in their squad?
  • What did the Ashes mean to you?
  • Do the ranks of either team in the ICC table mean anything when the Ashes is on the line?
  • What kind of tactics will you adopt to get Virat Kohli out when or if Australia faces India?
  • Australia have been quite notorious in cricket for a long time, being accused of racism. How difficult has it been to get rid of the “Ugly Aussies” tag?
  • What would be your test side of the decade?
  • Whom would you pick up in your side?

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