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  • What is the most stinging comment/allegation made against you on Twitter?
  • India has always been the bastion of free speech in a region where it has been severely curbed – in Pakistan by Talibani diktats and in Bangladesh by the killing of bloggers. Is India headed the same way with rising intolerance and stifling of dissent?
  • You may be battling an online army of trolls and TRP ratings may continue to elude. But it still has been quite a journey for the small-town boy from Motihari?
  • Unlike most of the big names in English journalism, you come from heartland India. How did the small-town upbringing shape your journalism?
  • Does marrying without parental consent became ‘Breaking News’ back home.
  • We have seen Ravish as a reporter, as an anchor, and now there is Ravish the author who’s selling books quite briskly.
  • What is the future of journalism in India?
  • After the Dadri lynching, you did a stinging report from ground zero and wrote a blog that was widely circulated. Did Dadri jolt you at a deeper level?
  • Why have you stopped tweeting nowadays? You have lakhs of followers, you have a voice on social media.
  • The lynch mob didn’t emerge in one day. Is there a method to the mob?
  • Does the aggression against the media increase when a sitting minister, VK Singh, uses the word “Presstitute” to define the media?
  • Given the low tolerance of Modi government to being questioned, what is the most worrying fallout we can expect ?
  • Do you think the Rs 1 crore winning episode will be a turning point for the show and the channel?
  • How has the advertiser’s response been to the show? Would it be far better if there was no economic distress?
  • KBC has always been a chartbuster in every language but the Tamil version has not been able to feature in the top 5 shows of the week so far. What reasons do you see behind this?
  • Looking at Colors’ leadership across the markets be it regional or national, don’t you regret Colors Tamil not being in the top 5?
  • What will it take to crack the Tamil market?
  • Regional languages are predicted to be the growth driver for all the brands. How well-placed are you across the regional languages to leverage the opportunity?
  • Has all the negativity forced you to ever think of quitting journalism?
  • What growth targets do you have from regional businesses?
  • Which is the strongest regional market for you?
  • What would it take to crack the Tamil market?
  • Will you continue to speak for the cause of secularism? Today it’s become a dirty word, you are a 'sickular' if you speak for all religions.
  • While secularism is being ridiculed and everyone is being dubbed a pseudo-secular, another prominent journalist has written that without secularism, India will become a Hindu Pakistan. Is that just a fancy coinage or a real possibility?
  • Institutions like Sanathan Sanstha who are accused of provocative statements and, worse, for alleged links to killers of rationalists. Are these really fringe organisations?
  • Despite being the poster boy of balanced and nuanced reporting and anchoring, is Ravish No. 1 in ratings? Or there is something wrong with viewing choices of people?
  • So are you Super Journalist Ravish?

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