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Ravi Desai has handled Brands across Cigarettes, Paper and Foods categories. He successfully conceptualised and launched the brand Bingo!, ITC Food's foray into the Impulse Snacks market in India. He has also worked extensively in the Trade Marketing & Sales and Distribution function at ITC Ltd.

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  • Tell us about some of the private labels on Amazon and how they are helping Amazon the brand.
  • How is Amazon so perfect with execution? Everything is done perfectly to the last mile.
  • Perfect execution is what differentiates Amazon in the e-commerce space, or is there something else as well?
  • What were some of the challenges you faced when you joined Amazon?
  • Marketing Has Evolved From Changing Perception To Changing Behavior, What are your views on the same?
  • You spent well over a decade of marketing fast-moving consumer goods for ITC before joining Amazon in 2016. How is marketing chips different from the e-commerce jungle? What has been the biggest change?
  • Right, and how has the marketing paradigm changed over the last three years - the time you've spent at Amazon?
  • Talking about change, how has Amazon India's target group and user profile changed over the last 12-36 months? And where is the growth coming from?
  • It's the era of multiple brand custodians. What's your take on the growing pool of specialized agencies? Do you miss the full-service advertising partner?
  • You are at the threshold of the next phase of e-commerce in India. How has Amazon prepared for this?
  • What is the Amazon proposition in India, and how has it been crafted?

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