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Passionate about the rich cuisine of his home city Lucknow and inspired by the city's local kabab vendors, Ranveer Brar has become one of India's most noteworthy chefs. He has hosted numerous shows, and has his own chain of restaurants.

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  • How do men cook differently from women?
  • What’s the one cooking experience that you can never forget?
  • What is your signature dish?
  • Which is your favourite cooking ingredient?
  • How did Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha come to be?
  • In every episode of the show Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha you share stories and anecdotes about the food you prepare. Tell us how important these stories are for understanding and preserving the rich and cosmopolitan culture of this country?
  • The local cuisine of a place often gets affected according to the number of tourists who arrive there expecting familiar tastes. Is there a way to strike a balance between the two?
  • With more than half of the world’s population residing in cities now, food is being industrialized at a global scale. This has put indigenous food cultures including traditional cooking techniques around the world at the great risk of being lost forever. In light of this, tell us how concepts like slow food and farm to table can be revived among the masses?
  • Tell us about some of the most interesting cuisines you encountered on your travels across India.
  • Please share a simple local recipe from anywhere in the country.
  • What is that one thing that comes to your mind, when we talk about food? Describe your relationship with food!
  • Please tell us about the food culture of your hometown, Lucknow and how did your fascination with food start? Also, tell us about your first food experience.
  • An international food trend that is yet to catch on in India?
  • While unearthing the food secrets, was there anything that was an eye-opener to you?
  • Are there any myths that you want to bust?
  • These days people want to eat right, know what they are eating. There’s a shift in people’s mindset as compared to the past. What’s your take on that?
  • Things which millennials are doing wrong, food-wise?
  • Name a few quick snacking options that can be made using three or fewer ingredients.
  • What’s the Indian food influence on Western culture?
  • What, in your opinion, are the secrets to good cooking?
  • What are the craziest food secrets that you have unlocked in your career?
  • What is that one food secret that you were personally amazed to find out?
  • Do share some of the everyday secrets that can make cooking and life so much easier that many people might not know about.
  • What is the best way to get most out of food in terms of nutrition that often gets lost in the cooking process?
  • Debunk some of the popular myths that people believe about food.

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