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  • Why there is an advertising shift in Samsung campaigns from featuring a foreigner model to Indian faces?
  • Has the advertising shift really helped the brand to come closer to the Indian culture?
  • There is a shift from the products and services features storyline to the emotional routes. Is there any specific strategic reason?
  • What Samsung is planning to do to promote more creators?
  • How has storytelling evolved over the years? What are the key differences between narrating a story on television and social media?
  • Where does social media fit in the scheme of things at Samsung? How much per cent of your marketing budget is reserved for social media?
  • Where does social media stand in your CRM mechanism? Brands’ social CRM is often not in sync with their other CRM processes. How can that be rectified? Is Samsung working in that direction?
  • As a CMO of the social age, please share 5 social media tips with other brands.
  • How important it is for key executives of a brand to stay active on social media and participate in active ORM? Do Samsung executives follow the same?
  • What are the job experiences of Ranjivjit Singh?
  • Please tell us about your recent campaign 'India, Ready, Action'?
  • The idea of ‘glocal’ has become a significant marketing strategy for most international companies. Why and how should brands think local?
  • Will a universal approach work in a differentiated market like India? How can brands stay ahead in today's dynamic economy and market?
  • The digital world has given rise to a more advanced and aware generation of consumers, how has marketing evolved to connect and sell to the millennials and Gen Z generations?
  • What are the specific technologies that brought about these changes? Ultimately which wins the marketplace - better technology or better idea?
  • What are the specific technologies that brought about these changes? Ultimately which wins the marketplace - better technology or better idea?
  • How big an impact do customer experiences have on the future of a brand? What can be done to bridge the gap between expectations and experiences?
  • What is unique about the South Indian market? How does your brand approach the southern market both in branding and consumer engagement?
  • What are the three secrets to successful branding?
  • While marketing to GenZ, what are the factors that you keep in mind? What are they looking for in a brand and how do you aim to deliver that?
  • Samsung was a key sponsor for Mumbai Indians. How has the partnership impacted the brand's visibility?
  • With a lot of brands coming forward to sponsor sports events, do you think that a lot of times a brand's visibility gets compromised? Will sports sponsorship continue to be an important marketing goal for Samsung?
  • With OTT platforms witnessing a rise and millennials moving towards them, are you looking for partnerships with shows?
  • India is still an underpenetrated market, how do you plan to target users beyond Tier II and Tier III cities?
  • What do you want to say about Samsung Technical School?
  • What was your thinking behind the campaign "SapneHueBade?

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