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  • On the management side, it is being said that many senior Indians are not getting higher ranks compared with their Japanese peers...
  • With the market getting competitive with newer products, how do you plan to sustain your market share (around 45 per cent)?
  • What will be the importance of the small car segment, if any, for Maruti in the coming years?
  • What are the main reasons for the surge in sales of utility vehicles and compact SUV category?
  • Between changes in fuel composition, new emission norms and greener options, which aspects will have greater impact on the business?
  • Why Maruti thought of venturing into music? And, when you thought AR Rahman on the bench?
  • Maruti has ventured into lifestyle theme with an aim to penetrate in the international market. Let us know about the long-term plan of this initiative that has been started in form of NEXA Music?
  • What important trends are shaping the automobile category in India?
  • What about the shift to other types of mobility that often concern car brands?
  • Given all the positive economic and demographic factors, how is the company growing?
  • Where are you now in this progression of meeting changing customer needs?
  • Who is the customer for the NEXA showroom?
  • Having introduced a new premium image with the launch of the NEXA showrooms a few years ago, how do you keep reinforcing the impact?
  • How does the profile of the NEXA customer compare with the profile of the Arena customer?
  • Based on your experience with the new NEXA showroom, do you see brand opportunity in India today shifting from building market share to commanding a premium?
  • In what other ways are you responding to your consumer research?
  • How extensively do you segment the consumer market?
  • How are the brand-building strategies that guided Maruti Suzuki’s great success changing as India changes?
  • It sounds as if the role of the dealer is important, compared with other markets, so how do you help dealers represent the brand effectively?
  • How do you use social media, especially because people are more skeptical today?
  • How else do you engage customers?
  • Is having a Japanese parent a brand-building advantage?
  • What’s your view about the brand’s responsibility to help India’s development?
  • How do you maintain the trust of consumers, even as they become more skeptical?

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