Ram Gopal Verma Curated

Director, screenwriter and producer


  • Bharat Shah has filed a complaint in IMPPA for recovery of Rs 25 crore against you. What is your comment?

    It is a rumor created by the Mumbai media. I have not met Bharat Shah in the past 10 years.

  • The visuals and aesthetics in Hindi films are high even if those are made on 3 crore budget. But Telugu film does not possess similar qualities even when those are made on 6 crores. What is your reading about it?

    Aesthetics in Hindi films is far more superior to Telugu films. Making a movie is nothing but creation of moving images. Sarkar Raj is a middle-budgeted film as most of it is shot in a single house. Actors do make a difference and aesthetics in Hindi films reflect high production values.

  • What is the budget of Phoonk?

    Phoonk was made on a budget of 3.5 crores.

  • What is your opinion about the director Vamsi Krishna Akella?

    He came to me as a writer. Both of us worked on the script. I am impressed with his clarity, visualization and sincerity. After watching Raksha film I thought that I would have made him the director of Phoonk film too.

  • Why do you think the close-up shots in Contract did not get the same appreciation as in Sarkar Raj ?

    The close-up shots in Contract were due to some technical hiccup. We shot contract in Super 16 camera. While doing DI processing, all shots got zoomed in. Hence some of the shots turned out to be irritating. I take close-up shots since I know as a director what should be highlighted during those shots.

  • You seem to be giving much better and more intense films after the debacle of Aag?

    All the latest films are conceived by me. AAG is not my film (story). I added my own interpretation to somebody else film (story). Hence you do not find intensity in AAG film. That is why I made a bad job at it.

  • The climaxes of your recent films (Sarkar Raj, Contract and Phoonk) have interesting twists. Is it deliberate?

    It was just a coincidence that all these three films had unexpected climaxes. It is not deliberate. The subjects needed such twists.

  • Is Raksha a remake of Phoonk?

    We call it a remake if it is copied scene by scene from the original. Raksha is not a remake of Phoonk. But the central point for both films is same. Both the films differ in treatment and characterization. Raksha is more customized to Telugu audiences and it is more rooted to the reality. Raksha will be more realistic and more popular than Phoonk. The director showed the transformation process of Jagapati Babu from an atheist to a believer in God in a convincing way. Phoonk is more of an aesthetic film where as Raksha is better in content and story narration.

  • What is intelligence's position in our lives?

  • How do define intelligence?

  • Aren't you using freedom of speech a little too much and hurting others' feelings?

  • You deliberately try to be different from others?

  • Why couldn't you see success lately with your movies?

  • Does prayers work?

  • Do film stars actually work hard?

  • Do you work hard?

  • Do you believe in hard work?

  • You brought about many changes to industry, but you couldn't see them materialise, why is that?

  • Which version of people' opinion about you is true?

  • Have you thought of the different opinions people have about you?

  • What is the worst thing that you have done to somebody close to you?

  • What would you like to be written on your epitaph?

  • What kind of legacy you want to leave behind?

  • Whom do you admire in the current lot for the kind of work they are doing?

  • How do you like Bahubali?

  • How do you see Rajamouli as a director?

  • How do you see Rajamouli as a director??

  • What compelled you to write a book?

  • Your films consistently fail and still how do you mange to make another?

  • What do you think would be aftermath of COVID-19?

  • What would you have been if you weren't a movie director?

  • What's your opinion on GOD?

  • Why do you think more directors come from Engineering background?

  • What's your opinion about Awards?

  • When can we see you working with Aamir?

  • Do you believe in marriage?

  • Would you make comedy genre movie?

  • What pushes you to make a movie?

  • why do you make dark movies?

  • What is Cinema to you?

  • What kind of a movie should an upcoming director make?

  • Do I need work as an assistant director to learn movie direction?

  • How to market and monetize a movie at low cost?

  • How can upcoming directors can make a movie with low budget?