Rajshree Sawant

Founder & Creative Head at The Chicster Diaries...

  • Do you write what people want to read or what you like writing?

    I write a bit about everything, popular trends, requested articles & topics that I am passionate about.

  • What equipment or tools does a beginner need to start their blog?

    I am a strong believer of ‘start what you have with’ just so you know if you are passionate enough about it. So if you are planning on getting into Blogging why not make a Free account on Blogger and start writing your heart out. Eventually when you think you are consistent enough you can take paid subscriptions of photography apps, paid domain name, a good point & shoot camera for photography, SEO learning courses. But you need to be consistent even if you don’t have all these things.

  • How do you see your job evolving in the future?

    I have been blogging for the last 5years and I have also been active on the social media influencing front. it is now after 5years that I have dived into Vlogging and will continue to grow my audience base from there. I also plan on starting my own online store in the future.

  • What are the 3 things every successful bloggers must-have?

    I think the 3 most important things that every successful blogger must have are: Passion, Consistency & Good Content

  • How do you feel when a post doesn't get as many likes or views?

    I don’t believe in the numbers game, I have been a blogger for the last 5years and the one thing that fuels my desire to continue working is not focusing on numbers but rather focusing on quality

  • What are the essential skills for a blogger?

    When I started out as a Blogger I was very new to this field and picked up a few skills along the way. Some of them being Photography, SEO management, content writing.

  • On what platform did you start your first blog?

    I have worked on the platform Blogger and I am still on it, mainly because it’s supported by Google and super user friendly.

  • What is your opinion on sharing private information or incidents on a public blog?

    I think there is a fine line between sharing incidents that would help people and sharing your personal life on the blog. I usually stick to solo incident sharing that I know for a fact might help my readers.

  • Are there any predefined parameters you follow when penning down your blog?

    Absolutely. I usually pen down ideas in my draft for my introduction, Main body & conclusion. I follow this idea jotting by research that helps me support my article along with my personal opinions and observations.

  • How do you deal with negative comments and trolls?

    I have come to accept that negative comments and trolls are a part of Blogging & Vlogging. I have made it a practise to avoid reading my comments as much as possible so I can create good quality content without getting sidelined

  • Where do you draw inspiration from? Which blog inspired you to start your own?

    There is no particular blog that inspired me to start my own blog but it was more like a happy accident where I didn’t find a lot many articles on the topics that I was looking for and so decided to create some on my own.

  • Did you keep a diary as a child?

    ohh yes I did! when I was in school and even in college I enjoyed writing my daily journal. I think that is what made me fall in love with writing.