Ragni Kedia

Senior financial Analyst

  • What does an entry-level financial analyst do?

    Generally, in any company there will be many verticals in the Finance department. Based on your skills, you may look after AR, AP, Payroll, etc. You could be involved in day to day operations and reconciliation of expenses and revenue or maybe involved in BRS activities

  • What licenses does one need to be a financial analyst?

    I am guessing by licensed you mean professional degrees. For entry level, graduation in field of commerce is good enough. At intermediate level, you would be required to have a CA, MBA or equivalent level degree

  • What are the top 3 skills required for a financial analyst?

    1. Focus (attention to details) 2. Patience ( always crosscheck your work) 3. Open to learning technical knowledge

  • What is one reality you wish you knew before you became a financial analyst?

    What you learn in classroom is not even half of what you face at desk

  • Any tips on how to prepare for a financial analyst interview?

    1. Be confident about your concepts. 2. Know your strengths and weaknesses and be open to learning and practicing all divisions of finance. 3. Be interested in the work or profile you are applying for

  • How can one become a Financial Analyst without any experience?

    You do not necessarily have to have experience. You must be good with your concepts. Basics and foundation must be strong to understand the work you are doing

  • Is it advisable to go for a financial analyst's job if I didn't take up maths after 12th grade?

    It is ok to not have background in math. These days all companies use tools for basic math but ensure you have a good hold on accounting concepts

  • What was the most challenging moment in your career?

    I only had work ex of 6 months and my boss left our company and I was asked to take over and handle the whole team and operations on my own