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About Raghu Rai

The Legendary Photographer Who Captured Independent India through his lenses, Both the Beauty and the Brutality

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  • How should photographers find their own style and vision?
  • Do you think there is such a thing as someone having an “eye” for photography?
  • Can you share some photography tips with us?
  • You covered one of the worst man-made disasters to hit India since independence – The Bhopal Gas Tragedy (in 1984). Can you share your experience with us?
  • As a photographer, do you feel more like an active chronicler of history or is it more like being a witness?
  • There are always clouds in your pictures. Do they just appear from nowhere?
  • How important is the camera you use?
  • What gives you the impulse to shoot?
  • How do you describe yourself as a photographer?
  • How much does your political position influence your work process?
  • What is one picture that you regret missing?
  • For photographers today, what do you think is the best way for photographers to put their work out in the world? Books, Exhibitions, or online?
  • Do you think going to a photography school is the only way forward for bringing in good photographers
  • What would be your advise for younger generation?
  • As an accomplished photographer, what are the things Indian photographers should concentrate on while they are doing their work?
  • How do you think photography has changed you?
  • What is your advice to photographers to find their own style and vision?
  • With digital technology and phone cameras being so user friendly, every other person is a photographer. Isn’t it is killing the essence of photography?
  • In your recent photo- book ‘Raghu Rai People’, you have mentioned in the book that you become uncomfortable in taking posed pictures. What made you say this as a seasoned photographer?
  • You photographed Indira Gandhi in her political and personal spaces with much ease and access – in particular an image where you made her stand on a ledge that overlooks the Himalayas. Do you think that would be possible to do now with a leader of that stature given that leaders now hand out images that they themselves approve and want circulated?

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