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Radhika Apte is an Indian theater and film actress. Born in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, brought up in Pune, Apte began acting in theatre She made her feature film debut with a brief role in the Hindi fantasy Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!.

Connect with Radhika Apte's life

  • You are quite the flavour of the season. Can you feel the love?
  • Sujoy Ghosh’s Bengali short film, Ahalya, got you massive response. Did you anticipate it?
  • When I Googled you, the first search option that came up was ‘Radhika Apte hot’. Did you have any idea?
  • So what is your definition of sexy?
  • Hindi film audience saw you for the first time in Rakhta Charitra and then, of course, in Shor in the City. But you got recognition only with Badlapur. How do you interpret it?
  • Were you disappointed when Shor in the City did not get you more commercial film offers? Is that why you went for the dance course to London?
  • So, in a way, you chose dance over films?
  • Would you say that you had to struggle to get where you are today?
  • But now that you have bagged a Tamil film opposite Rajinikanth, maybe the struggle will be over?
  • You seem to be mixing up all kinds of cinema — regional, commercial, shorts, international. Is that conscious?
  • Since he introduced you to Hindi film, was there any advice that Ram Gopal Varma gave you which has stayed with you?
  • You’ve been pretty open about your personal life. Were you advised to hide the fact that you are married?
  • How do you think Bollywood perceives you now? Are they still trying to figure you out or do you think they’ve found a slot for you?
  • Since you are a trained dancer, would you want to do a dance movie?
  • Is there an iconic Bollywood song you want to dance to in any of your films?
  • There’s been an interesting relationship with space and consent in your personal and professional life. “Parched” is about women struggling to create their own safe space, and “Phobia” is about the trauma of dealing with a non-consensual, violent episode. The nude scenes in “Parched” recently made headlines. How did you process all of it?
  • People objectified you in the nude scenes that leaked from “Parched”
  • Setting aside the fact that working with Rajnikanth was a huge reason to choose the film, what part of Kumudhavalli’s characterization stood out for you?
  • The moment when Kabali sees Kumudhavalli after a long time, the pace of the film suddenly slows. It’s a key moment, emotionally. When she breaks down, that vulnerability in strength is striking.
  • When you took a year off to study dance in London, you’d mentioned that you studied movement analysis. How much has it helped in honing your craft?
  • How did you find your footing when you came back to India after the year off?
  • In your roles, a significant amount of them initially involved playing a village belle. How did you reconcile yourself with idea of being typecast?
  • You’ve said for an actor it is necessary to vegetate and look for inspiration. And yet when I tried to count the number of films and shows you have that are up for release, I wondered when you had time to vegetate.
  • How do you live this hectic professional life and shuttle between here and London – where your husband lives? It can’t be easy.
  • What stands out in all the work you’re doing is the diversity – the characters, the stories, the kinds of filmmakers you’re working with. What has it taken to come to a stage where filmmakers and producers can imagine you in various roles?
  • Kalki Koechlin has said that once they realised that she was open to doing ‘bold’ characters, that’s all she got. Does that happen to you?
  • Are you in a better space in terms of what is being offered to you?
  • You said in an interview that a filmmaker that you thought was very liberal asked you to keep your marriage a secret and you said no. You’ve been in meetings with filmmakers where they’ve asked you to fix your face and you’ve said no. What is the fall out of constantly saying no? Do you end up upsetting people?
  • What’s the hardest part of being an actor today?

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