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  • Will this drug be given to people with mild to severe symptoms(Favipiravir-reduces Covid19 patient recovery time)?

    We don't know if it is for mild symptoms yet, but moderate, definitely. The drug breaks the genome sequence in the middle part where the virus proliferation happens. When this happens the recovery is faster. In moderate conditions, this has shown good results.

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  • Any other drugs that you are working on for Covid-19? What about Remdesivir?

    We are continuing to evaluate this landscape, so yes, we are looking at other products. Is Remdesivir something that we looked at as part of our ARV program? The answer is, yes. The government might have to look at something like compulsory licensing for the drug, but it is too early to talk about that. When the hurdle and bridge need to be crossed, it can be crossed then.

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  • Which countries have prescribed this drug(Favipiravir-Shows effectiveness in reducing Covid19 recovery time)?

    It started getting used in Japan. They used it in China too. The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries reached out to us early on through their treatment regimen program.

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