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  • And what were some of the biggest challenges you encountered personally?

    Blogging is hard & one of the biggest challenges is traffic. I still face the same challenge when I start a new blog. Another challenge is Google’s penalty. It’s very difficult to recover from the penalty so better you don’t make any mistake while creating content as well as backlinks for your blog.

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  • What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in the blog industry?

    One of the biggest reason people fail in blogging is because they don’t have patience. They want to make money fast. I would advise every newbie blogger to wait for at least 1-2 years before they receive their first payment cheque. During that time, just focus on providing something valuable to your audience.

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  • What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?

    Most of the people don’t know that I have a full-fledged office in Mumbai in one of the post commercial complex in Mumbai where I have hired more than 6 people who are working full time in my office.

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  • Some people make a huge profit from Adsense, other don’t, what is the secret?

    Yes, I am one of the people who make a huge profit from AdSense & I know there are people who have same niche & same traffic as MoneyConnexion but does not make even 50% of the money I make. The major reason again is the quality of posts. Money is not a matter if you focus on providing something valuable to your audience. Other reasons may be using a number of different ad networks on the same blog.

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  • How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?

    If you visit my blog MoneyConnexion, you will find my posting frequency is twice in a week or sometimes once in a week. All my articles are well researched & everything that I write on my blog is my experience only.

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  • What are your focus areas and why?

    From the last 5 years, my main source of income from all my blog was Google AdSense only. But 2016 will be a different year for me as I will be more focused on affiliate marketing. There is a great scope for online shopping in India & now people buy like never before. I will try to promote good products that will be useful to the people & that can save good money.

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  • How would you describe “MoneyConnexion” in under few words?

    I started Money Connexion only but before that I was running my blog (started in 2010) which used to provide only make money ideas. Then I thought of expanding my niche & started writing on different niche related to money topics, small business, MLM, shopping & saving etc.

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  • can you tell us a bit about yourself

    I am a blogger & internet marketer from Mumbai. I started blogging in 2010, but I am making money from internet since 2004. I started making money on Internet as an affiliate marketer. First website I promoted was eBay which was a part of Commission Junction affiliate network. First method that I used to promote eBay, was email marketing. Then I started with Google AdWords after reading GoogleCash one of the best book on affiliate marketing by Chris Carpenter.

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