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About Prabhu Deva

In a career spanning 25 years, he has performed and designed a wide range of dancing styles and has garnered two National Film Awards for Best Choreography. He was also awarded the Padma Shri award in 2019 for his contributions to the art.

Connect with Prabhu Deva's life

  • Choreographer, actor, director, producer — you don many hats. Where does your identity lie?
  • How did Lakshmi happen? Was it tailor-made for you?
  • How do you like working with child artistes?
  • Was the song one of the reasons you were cast as the lead in Kaadhalan?
  • You seem to have found a comfort zone in Bollywood. What are your thoughts?
  • What makes you more happy? Dancing or teaching the art of dancing?
  • Dance and choreography seem to be evolving very radically. What do you say?
  • As a director, who do you look up to for inspiration?
  • Among actors, who is your favourite actor in Telugu?
  • You have worked with India’s biggest stars. Who is the best dancer in India?
  • What can you tell us about Ramaiah Vastavaiah and Rambo Rajkumar?
  • Apart from films and dancing, what excites Prabhu Deva?
  • Do you have any dream projects?
  • Do you think reality dance shows like ‘Dhee’ help upcoming choreographers?
  • How did Wanted happen to Prabhu Deva?
  • After so much struggle, you have reached this point of success. How do you see this journey?
  • When did you first meet Salman Khan?
  • What was going on in your mind when you first directed Salman in 'Wanted'?
  • There are many dance reality shows in the country every year, but only a few of the dancers came out of them. But why so?
  • What do you think of Salman’s dancing?
  • 'Wanted' was your first film in Hindi but sixth as director. Is it more difficult doing a Hindi film?
  • You’ve been directing songs. How different is a full-length film?
  • Was directing Salman tough?
  • You said only choreography gives you satisfaction. If that is so, why don't you choreograph more?
  • Did anyone ask you to choreograph for other actors? Or, are they reluctant to call you because you are a big hero?
  • Is it not because you give more importance to other's opinion that you cannot do what you enjoy the most? Wouldn't you be happy if you did what you like?
  • You are always with a beard. Doesn't that put some restriction on you as an actor?
  • You said earlier that these days nobody works hard. Why do you feel so?
  • What kind of an actor are you? Do you a lot of groundwork before you start portraying a character?
  • Do the artists come late for the song rehearsals too?
  • Was the situation this bad when you started your career as a choreographer?
  • Are you not interested in producing musical albums?
  • When Michael Jackson came to India, you could meet him personally. How did it happen?
  • When you look back, are you satisfied with the way you career as a hero has shaped up?
  • What kind of roles do you prefer, comedy or serious roles?
  • When you started off with Dabangg was there ever a thought that you could turn this into a franchise?
  • But how challenging it is to take a franchise further?
  • Over the course of time you have cemented your position as an action star. You are considered to be a pro when it comes to high octane action movies which end up as blockbusters. What is the secret for success?
  • Who coined the name Chulbul Pandey for your character in the film?
  • What made you think that Saiee Manjrekar was the perfect choice for Dabangg 3?
  • Would you consider playing an antagonist in a film?
  • Ever since Devi you have been signing on Tamil films in a flurry, aren't you bothered that Bollywood will forget you?

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