Poonam Bindra

Owner of Restaurant

  • How should one kickstart the journey of becoming a professional chef?

    So to become a professional chef , firstly expertise into cusines according to the need of the restauranter and also master in some of the cuisines . You should have faith in your own talent , passion to learn and teach . Dont miss opportunities thinking about the bigger as experience teaches a lot . let mme know about you more so that i can guide you more

  • What do you do when diners don't appreciate your dish?

    give a smile and improve for next one

  • Is it good to dry herbs in the microwave before storing it?

    it's better to toss them in butter , there will refresh with better flavours

  • Can you share some cooking hacks for working women?

    there r many , let me know on what topic

  • Which dish do you like to cook the most?

    butter chicken and dal makhani

  • What is the best way to boil pasta?

    put in nice boiling water with salt. n oil , remove and remember to rinse in tap water to stop cooking

  • Which oil is the healthiest to cook with?

    coconut oil

  • How can we find out if an egg is stale?

    put in water if it floats go ahead, if it sinks dont use

  • How to fix a salty dish?

    add potato or wheat dough n boil

  • Which dish should one cook to impress someone?

    depends person to person

  • What is your favorite cuisine?

    punjabi n Asian

  • What do you do in your spare time?

    i cook and read a lot over culinary

  • Is it safe to use a microwave on a regular basis?


  • What motivated you to choose this career?


  • For how many days can meat be frozen?

    if good refrigeration then upto 2 weeks

  • Do you cook for your family members or friends?

    for all

  • How to fix overcooked pasta?

    Rinse in cold water and keep in frifhe for it to become hard so that when you toss it does not turn mushy

  • What keeps you going every day?

    My passion actually which encourages me a lot

  • How do you manage to cook multiple dishes at once?

    It should be in your heart to do then your mind supports you

  • Who is your culinary idol?

    vineet bhatia,

  • What is the key to handling a kitchen?

    mind and patience

  • How to fix a dish which has been over-sweetened?

    depends which dish. if milk based can add more milk

  • How do you retain the nutrients of a vegetable while cooking?

    dont overcook any vegetable nor blanch for long