Pavan Singh Curated

National Marketing Head of Amul India


  • How do you think Amul gained uninterrupted success?

    Consistency has been one of the keys to Amul’s success in the marketing space. Stability and sponsorships too, have helped. We have had people consistently working on the brand for over 30 years who have nurtured and reinforced it. We are always on the lookout for new touchpoints and new avenues that are different from what others have been doing. We are faced with a new generation every few years, and the challenge is to connect with them and turn a boring white fluid into something appealing. We’ve started getting closer to our audience with Amul parlors, digital campaigns, and sports-related advertising. We’ve had a campaign that asked audiences to send us selfies using Amul products innovatively and that was a huge hit,”

  • Who drove the marketing inspiration for Amul?

    The first marketing inspiration for Amul came from the man who created modern India-- Sardar Vallabhai Patel. He stepped in and told the farmers that if they ever had to get out of the situation they were in, they would have to take control of running the entire chain of their business and that was marketing. Marketing is the only solution that will take you out of the depths you find yourself in. It is the solution for social upliftment and economic progress. That is the power of marketing and what it can do for society.

  • What makes Amul stand apart from its competitors?

  • What has been an integral aspect of brand communications for Amul?

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