Pankaj Singh

Busines Analyst

  • What documents does a business analyst prepare?

    It depends on the organization what is the definition of Business Analyst. however as a Business Analyst these are the documents which is required to development of the software. #Project Vision #Stakeholder Analysis #Business Analysis #Scope of work or Business Requirements #Functional requirement specification #System requirement specification #use cases #UML #user stories #Release management #Requierment traceability matrix #Wireframes #Process flow #Test plan, Test cases or user acceptance #change management. there are lot of documents are being made by BA. however above documents are mostly used by every organization for software development company.

  • What knowledge is required for business analyst?

    Problem solving, Requirements analysis, good listener, documentation, excellent communication skills, graduate, domain specialists, wireframe, test plan, test cases, user story, change management, task estimation, technology etc

  • How do you see your job evolving in the future?

    we are enhancing the existing system with latest technology with better UI and user experience. the old system is built in Visual Basic, new technology will be web based that will increase the overall performance of the system. web application is much easier than desktop application. I would love to see this new product using all operations team as well as client.

  • What was the most challenging moment in your career?

    As a BA every day is challenging. when I was not able to find a job in BA. Survival is most important thing in every career. when you work with non technical boss, it is very difcult to explain the technology and timelines to them. strict

  • What motivated you to choose this career?

    I have done BCA and I did not want to do coding so, I choose Business Analyst profession. You get chance to work with overseas clients. talking to them understanding their challenges and providing solution is like awesome. there are lot of space for learning every day each project has different requirements and different challenges and overcome the challenge is what motivates me.

  • How was your experience with your first job?

    It was awesome. I had lot of difficulty too was not able to communicate properly, my boss always helped me. I had a good team members and we enjoyed a lot. I believe when you stop learning new things then you become old. every day is new beginning. Had good learning experience almost 2.5 years.

  • How has your job evolved over the years?

    I was data analyst earlier doing data analysis, sharing insight to the top management, RCA, Preparing balance sheet, P & L report etc. then I moved to Software development company where I learned SLDC technology, wireframe, tools, SQL. I mean the world is changing every day and we have to adopt things fast.

  • What are the 3 things every successful business-analysts must-have?

    This is personal skills Good listener, politeness, Go Geter, eager to learn

  • What is your biggest concern at your job? How do you manage it?

    I am workoholic, work life balance. I try calling my parents on one or two days. I have not been able to see my newly born baby since April. I avoid working on weekends and try spending time with my family. I belong to chhattisgarh to staying alone is also difficult. I love cooking so that's how I am utilising my time now a days.

  • How did you rise in your role as a business-analysts, what career hacks can you share?

    I was data analyst earlier and wanted to become business analyst so intiallty I was joined as BA however I was more in to analytics. then I wanted to join software development company so that I can do more roles of a BA

  • What's the advice you would like to give to an aspiring business-analysts?

    Every day is challenging learning is the only key to success. May that be technology, doci

  • Is coding required for business analyst?

    Not necessarily, however coding skill helps BA alot in terms of task estimation, helping developers, solving technical queries, review coding etc.

  • What role did your educational background play in your career?


  • Describe a typical day at work for you?

    starting with cheking mails and respond, daily stand up call, working on pending task like requirements gathering, schedule call with clients in case any clarification required, checking task board, Aglie board, follow up emails to the teams, update on previous day task, resolve any impedements, writing user story, test cases, team metting if required, provide clarification to development team if need on any task an so on

  • What do employers look for in a business analyst?

    This also depends on company to company if it is for software development company then some of the skills are mandatory Problem solving, requirement elicition, excellent communication skills, stake holder management, conflict management, documentation techniques, team handling, client handling exposure, time management, multitasking, domain expertise, business analysis techniques, hands on tools like JIRA, Devops, SQL, visio, API understanding like Postman, wireframes, prototyping, user story creation, for Aglie scrum meeting etc

  • Is business analyst better than software developer?

    This is deficult question however both are important for the company but BA is involved every where. BA has different roles and responsibilities however developer has responsibilities for development of the task modules etc. I would say BA is the bridge between customer, stakeholders, developer and top management. in terms of roles and responsibilities BA is better than software developer.

  • Which degree is best for business analyst?

    Post graduation this certificate helps BA alot CBAP.

  • What are interview questions for business analyst?

    Generic questions will be realated to documents a BA preoare, tools, technology, team handling, case study, also some questions realated to domain specific, task estimation techniques, challenges, communication there is no set of questions which will be asked from every emoloyer.

  • What are the 3 most important skills of a business analyst?

    Requirements gathering, documentation techniques, excellent communication skills

  • What are the tools used by business analyst?

    There are many tools used by BA depending on the requirements however I would name some of the tools which is mostly used Jira, Devops azure, microsoft excel, Power point, visio, SQL, Google analytics, SWAT, Microsoft word etc.

  • What are the types of business analyst?

    Business Analyst, System Analyst, Data Analyst