Nitin Sambrekar

Avid Marketeer | Traveller | Bibliophile

  • What is the one thing that you abide by in all your marketing campaigns?

    Strict compliance to the brand policy to ensure no loopholes later on & also the budget factor taken into consideration

  • What is your most important customer retention matra?

    It has to be customer delight.The Wow factor always has to be there.Also sales personnel tend ro sell just anything & everything undrr the roof these days.They need to listen to their clients in a meticulous manner & then render solutions

  • What was your paid advertising budget and goals during your initial days?

    Way back in 2010 when i started my marketing career with a 3 yrs prior experience in sales & BD; advertising budget as such used to be very bare.Those were not digital days as we have it now.So apart from the TVC's,radio jingles;we majorly had print media ad's.The annual budget spends for around 2 yrs was close to 25 lakhs which covered majorly print(60% allocation)TVC/Radio(30%) & remaining was reserved for internet based.