Neville Patel Curated

Chief Executive Officer at Qualitas Global Service


  • What was your low point; when did that happen and what were the circumstances?

    When I couldn’t pay salaries for 3 months & was thinking of shutting down in Oct 2014. Apart from this business low point, I lost my job in 2014 & had no money, in May 2014 it was real hot. My son insisted on the AC so I started it wondering how I will pay the electricity bill. In a few minutes there was a light cut & the AC shut down. I asked my son to go to sleep & promised him to start the AC once the light comes back again. The light came after 30 mins but I never started the AC to save on the light bill. That is a real low point.

  • What do you see as the businesses of the future, businesses in which you should be investing from now?

    Al businesses have potential. There cannot be just 1 business that will be for the future. People need a house so you can be a builder. Please need food so you can be a farmer. You can deliver food. You can sell cooked food. You can start a clothing brand. Options are endless. It all depends what your strengths & interests are. Don’t let the PR over COVID fool you into thinking this is the end or the world has changed. It’s a temporary stop which you can use to rest, sleep, read, exercise etc. Invest in your dreams & strengths.

  • Being a philanthropist, what is your one message to the youngsters?

    I made the mistake of making Charity in the past 2 years. Never again. Money should be saved unless you are a multi billionaire. As a businessman my responsibility should be my company & the employees you helped me grow it. No strangers, no charitable trusts. I now am facing Donor fatigue. In times like now, there’s no tax break, there’s no help for you just because you previously helped others. Focus on yourself & growing your company & once you make a couple of billions you can think of opening your own charities to save taxes.