Neetu Sirigiri

CEO & Founder of Bake with Neetu

  • How was your experience with your first job?

    It was amazing, and I do not have any complaints. learnt a lot in corporate life.

  • What motivated you to choose this career?

    My passion towards learning new techniques.

  • What was the most challenging moment in your career?

    After my baby was born. And when I was supposed to get back to work

  • How do you see your job evolving in the future?

    People are more interested to buy cakes from a home baker or pastry chefs, becasue of hygiene purpose. And I should admit that demand is increasing everyday.

  • Is it important to rest a batter before baking?

    depends on what you baking. for example if you baking breads, doughnuts you definitely need to rest the dough. But you don't need to rest the cake batter.

  • What is the most essential tool that every baker should own?

    weighing scale

  • What do you do in your spare time?

    I do lot of experiments to come up with new recipes.

  • Do family and friends ask you to bake for occasions?

    oh yes, and personally love baking for them 😊

  • Are online baking tutorials a good source to learn baking?

    YouTube is filled with amazing stuff.

  • Can we do away with the process of sifting ingredients before baking?

    Not all recipe require sifting. So yes, you can skip the process

  • What do you think are the pros and cons of being a full-time baker?

    pros: you know work and balance things accordingly. cons: there is no rewind button, if something goes wrong🀷

  • Which are some of the must-have baking tools?

    measuring cups and spoons, whisk, parchment paper and baking pans. I feel these are the basic tools

  • Is it important to have exotic ingredients to start baking?

    No, not at all.

  • What is your guilty pleasure?

    Chocolate cake, with lot of chocolate ganache and a scoop of ice cream

  • Is there a substitute for sugar to bake for diabetic patients?

    yes, of course. One can substitute sugar with stevia or etherol.

  • Which baking blogs are the most helpful for beginners?

    Joy of Baking

  • Is it important to measure and weigh each ingredient for baking?

    Yes, it is very important to measure every Ingredient, that goes in the cake. Recipes are written on measurement and that is the reason we have measuring spoons, cups etc

  • When did you decide that you wanted to become a baker?

    During my maternity 😜🀷

  • What is the ideal baking temperature?

    180 degrees and trust me you wi

  • How do you store cooking chocolate?

    Depends on the temperature. If it's winter I store it at room temperature. And in summers I store it in fridge.

  • How do you handle dishes which lack an ingredient or two?

    A baker needs to understand each and every ingredients that goes into the cake and when the baker masters these skills. And if there is anything missing, you know what and how much you need to add other ingredients to get original thing

  • Which flavor combinations work the best in baking?

    chocolate and orange. my personal favourite 😍

  • What is the easiest thing to bake?

    A basic vanilla cake, which needs single Bowl.

  • Were your parents supportive when you told them that you wanted to be a baker?

    My mom intorduced me how to make simple sponge cake, with eggs but then I got into full fledged baking after marriage. And yes, my partner is very supportive about it. who doesn't love money coming in πŸ˜‚!

  • How important is it for a baker to learn to customise bakes for different diets, for eg- keto?

    A baker needs to understand each and every ingredients that goes into the cake and when the baker masters these skills, they can bake any type of cake, whether it's keto, gluten free, paleo and what not.