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  • Tell us about your musical journey and how it all started.
  • You have won quite a lot of awards for your songs in the commercial space. Which has been the most special one and why?
  • Can you tell us your most embarrassing and your most funny fan moment in your live gigs journey.
  • Tell us about the role your close family and friends have played in your musical journey.
  • What is your message to your fans?
  • How did you acquire an interest in Music?
  • How did the band ‘Asma’ come together and why was it so short-lived?
  • What impact AR Rahman had on your career?
  • ‘Student of the Year’ was your debut in Bollywood. How a Bollywood hit was different from all the work you did before?
  • How was your experience with ‘Bombay Velvet’ performing Jazz numbers?
  • You have been a coach in ‘The Voice’, what is your process of judging a contestant?
  • You were one of the winners at Channel V’s Pop Stars. Was this a good start in your opinion?
  • What advice you would like to give to the aspirants of Reality Shows?
  • Who all are your influences and favourite contemporary singers & music directors?
  • Tell us about your songs ‘Kithe Reh Gaya’ and ‘First Class’ from ‘Kalank’.
  • Tell us, how were you as a kid...
  • An old song you would have loved to lend your voice to?
  • Your sister Shakti Mohan is also a judge on a dance reality show, have you taken any tips from her?
  • We have heard that you are a very good dancer as well and in your school days also been a part of the NCC Cadet. Can you elaborate a bit more on these for us to know what a complete talented package you are?
  • You have sung across multiple languages and genres. How do you manage to overcome the barriers?
  • You are now mentoring kids at The Voice India kids, how is the experience so far and what is your learning from this?
  • What is your personal opinion on the reality shows in India? Do you think they produce great talent and provide a good platform for aspiring musicians?
  • In your opinion, do you think there is enough scope in India for Independent musicians in contrast to film music?
  • Is there one artist/composer that you’ve worked with who really made a mark in your career and helped you rise to where you are?
  • Who has been your greatest source of inspiration in your career and why?

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