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Honourable Prime Minister of India. Also served as the Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014.

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  • You have mentioned in previous interviews that the methodology of computing job numbers is outdated and the true reflection is contrary to the present data available. What in your opinion is the present employment scenario in India and how will you increase employment opportunities?
  • Your critics claim that you made a U-Turn on GST from your opposition as the CM. The Opposition calls GST a Gabbar Singh Tax while you call it the Good Simple Tax. 1 year down the line, can you please explain what benefits have GST brought?
  • The recent implementation of the Supreme Court mandated NRC has created controversy, with Mamata Banerjee saying it could lead to “civil war”;. What are your thoughts on this?
  • The Opposition has raked up the issue of crime against women and incidents of lynching. Your critics say you have not spoken about them. Your comments?
  • Is women empowerment only a slogan or has there been any real progress?
  • What is your stand on caste-based reservations? Is it true that your Government is waiting for the right time to abolish reservations?
  • Why are the smaller allies of the BJP losing faith in the coalition? Some have quit, some say they will not fight alongside your party in 2019, instead of adding to your kitty due to the stunning victory of 2014, you are seen as a party that is a difficult magnet to attract allies.
  • The political impasse in Jammu and Kashmir continues to be unresolved with the coalition collapsing and Governor’s rule seemingly being continuous. Do you think your party made a mistake in forming government with the PDP? Would you do it again if there is a hung verdict again?
  • During No confidence motion in this session, we saw some unusual scenes? Rahul Gandhi walks up to you and hugs you…What went through mind when this played out? Congress claimed victory while others say it was a childish act by Rahul Gandhi? What is your conclusion?
  • Are you and your party concerned with Modi vs all syndrome? How are you planning to combat this ‘Mahagathbandhan’ in 2019?
  • How important is social harmony for economic progress?
  • All political parties talk about removing poverty. Yet poverty remains an issue of grave concern in our country. Job creation is a major challenge for you and you have kept this in mind too. What will be your strategy on both these counts?
  • You are the first prime minister who has had a direct communication with Indians abroad. How has this benefitted the country?
  • It’s widely believed that high level corruption has come down drastically under your rule, but low level corruption is still rampant. How can you fix this?
  • Mr Prime Minister, it’s being said that Lutyens Delhi did not like you, but have you started liking Delhi?
  • It’s often said in media circles that if TRP rating are down cut to Modi rallies. Still you have a bitter-sweet relationship with media. What do you have to say about the media?
  • You have this image of a strong leader, but on a few occasions your emotional side came out. People would like to know what kind of human being you are – what is the real Narendra Modi like? Or are there many layers to Modi’s character?
  • You have a punishing schedule of 16 to 18 hours. So how do you relax?
  • Who have been your key influences in life?
  • Where does Narendra Modi like to find himself in Indian history?

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