Nandini Dias Curated

CEO at Lodestar UM, India


  • Any staycation/adventure that you love doing?

    Exploring new cities. Whenever I travel for work, I usually try to take out one day to see the place.

  • What is your idea of relaxing?

    Walking, playing, reading, watching movies, listening to music and meeting friends.

  • Between Prakash Padukone and P V Sindhu, how has the association between brands and Badminton players evolved?

    I don't think the two eras are in the same ballpark as far as brand association goes. Prakash's era in India could at best hope for an association with sport equipment brands that a player actually used and even that was rare. Today of course, the brands that the likes of PV are associated with go far beyond the purview of sport equipment into social and personal categories which is indicative of the foray of the sport's popularity into non-core audiences.

  • How can brands fully leverage their association with PBL?

    Other than naming rights and a few interesting innovations, I don't think we' ve yet explored the possibility of what all can be done with various aspects of the game in order to create properties that can be leveraged by brands.

  • What is driving PBL viewership growth?

    Badminton as a sport has a wider casual playing segment than most other sports. It can be indulged in by a wider range of age groups, genders and geographies. This, in turn makes badminton a more involved viewing experience. Secondly, the length of the matches are short and extremely high intensity points, the longer rallies and improved fitness of the players has literally drawn in sceptical watchers to become involved enthusiasts. Thirdly, I feel the team structure of PBL makes it a more competitive experience rather than an individual sport. Be it the Olympics or Davis Cup and of course hockey and cricket, we've always been more favourable to team sports than individual sports as a nation. In addition we like watching if there is an Indian competing. Last few years we have had several winners bringing in big medals. Lastly, the technical quality of the broadcast, the cameras, the packaging, the replays, the challenges; the graphics etc have pulled it up to a far more engaging level than we've ever seen before.

  • What is behind PV Sindhu's unmatched brand value?

    PV has got a certain X-factor as a personality that makes her both inspirational and human at the same time. It's her personality that is now coming to the fore along with the delivery of her talent which was always there. She can switch from a winning-machine to someone who seems approachable, chat-able and hang out-able with when she's off court. And yet,she has delivered impressive results, which makes her an obvious choice for any brand.

  • Which is your favorite PBL team?

    My favourite, even without trying naturally tends to be, Mumbai. It's something that comes naturally due to my past association with the game.

  • What do you love about Badminton as a sports?

    I started playing Badminton as a kid. I guess one naturally tends to gravitate towards something that one starts doing well at quite early. And there was something about the poetry of hand eye coordination, the power and grace of a flying shuttle, the mix of strength and touch that drew me to it.

  • When did you start playing badminton?

    I do not play regularly anymore due to a serious injury a few years ago but I've been a state player for Maharashtra before advertising and in fact, briefly joined the Railways as a sports quota employee before gravitating to advertising.

  • What will be that one vice that you cannot do without?

    Since I was a sportsperson, I never got into any vice. I used to play badminton. When I was playing, the rules of the game were tougher than today. You had to earn a point. You could not get a point if the opponent made a mistake. To last in such a game, one really needed stamina. So we would do a lot of things to just build speed and stamina. Vices would have nullified all the efforts.

  • How your journey with Agnello Dias started?

    Both of us used to head towards the station so we would always walk together.

  • Does word of mouth play an important role among women?

  • Is women consumer segment increasing in power and importance?

  • Has being a women ever been a hindrance or an asset?

  • What would you attribute your success to?

  • How does it feel on winning the Media ACE CEO of the year?

  • How does it feel on winning the Media ACE CEO of the year?

  • How have you come up through situations like demonetization, etc?

  • What message do you want to give to today's youth?

  • From the Cannes or International perspective where do you think India stands in the Media space?

  • What is Good Luck to you?

  • What would be your advice to budding female entrepreneurs?

  • How important is Financial Independence for Women?

  • What are your expectations from the initiative WorkToLiveToWork?

  • What was the thought behind "WorkToLiveToWork" initiative?

  • How far have you made progress with WorkToLiveToWork?

  • What is the concept of "WorkToLiveToWork"?