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About Namrata Soni

Namrata Soni is a Celebrity Makeup Artist & Hairstylist. She is also a Beauty Expert for L'oreal Paris India. She has won IIFA Award for Best Makeup in the year 2015.

Connect with Namrata Soni's life

  • How did you become a makeup artist?
  • What inspired you to become a makeup artist?
  • One fashion tip you would like to give to millennials?
  • What is your morning beauty ritual?
  • What is the best part about being a makeup artist?
  • What is your must-have beauty product?
  • You work closely with Sonam Kapoor. What is the best part about working with her?
  • There was a law forbidding women working as female makeup artists in India when you started out. How did you cope up with this and come on top?
  • Did you always know you wanted to be a Makeup Artist?
  • What, according to you, are some of the most glaring makeup myths?
  • Can you tell us about Sonam Kapoor’s must have bag items?
  • What are some Makeup Do’s and Don’ts according to you?
  • Tell us about your experience working on some of your huge Bollywood hits. Which has been your most challenging and favourite?
  • What is your own personal beauty regime?
  • Who has been your favourite face to work on?

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