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About Mickey Contractor

Bollywood makeup artist Mickey Contractor is the one-man glamour machine bringing Indian beauty trends to the international stage. He is the man behind the glamorous looks of several of Bollywood’s leading ladies. An industry veteran, he is also the Director of Artistry for M.A.C.

Connect with Mickey Contractor's life

  • I love bright shadows like Rani from MAC Collection, but I have no idea how to wear it. What are some tips to make bright shadows like that more wearable?
  • What would you say is your “signature” look?
  • I always feel like it’s hard for me to do smokey eyes — what are some tips if you want to do smokey eyes if you have smaller or darker eyes?
  • What’s your beauty philosophy?
  • You’ve said that the ‘no makeup’ look requires more effort than a full-on makeup look… how come?
  • What are some basic makeup tips that you would like to share with the beginners?
  • What are 5 makeup essentials every woman should have?
  • What is that one trend which, according to you, will never go out of style?
  • One makeup trick that can brighten up a dull day?
  • What is the most common makeup mistake made by women?
  • You’ve pretty much perfected the smoky eye look that’s so big in Bollywood. What are your essentials to create that look?
  • Must every woman wear make-up?
  • Is it OK for women to keep away from make-up for an entire day?
  • With make-up, can anything ever be enough? 35 lipsticks or 15 – when must you stop?
  • What’s more important: choosing colours that work best for you and sticking to them, or constantly buying new ones and experimenting?
  • How possible is it to give yourself a five-minute makeover when pressed for time? Is it not true that some of us have to work harder in order to get our faces in shape, irrespective of age and skin condition?
  • What was the most challenging part in creating your own line for M.A.C?
  • How did you get associated with M.A.C?
  • Do you agree that till a decade back, make-up artists in Bollywood were doing a thankless job?
  • Who have been your creative influences throughout your makeup artistry career?
  • You’re known as the Master of Modern Bollywood. How has Bollywood’s perception of beauty changed since you started working in it?
  • What have been your biggest creative challenges?
  • Had you previously worked with M.A.C on product development in the past, before launching your collection?
  • How would you summarize the beginning of your journey in the world of Glam?
  • How, in your opinion, did M.A.C change your life?
  • Which period in your career was the most defining?
  • When you took up make-up as a profession, what was the reaction of your friends and family?
  • Which look that you have created recently have you liked the most?

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