Massimo Vignelli Curated

Renowned Graphic Designer


  • How di you choose design as your career?

  • How much of your work takes place on, and off the computer?

  • Is there anything computer can’t do for a designer?

  • What makes a design work?

  • What aspect of contemporary design do you dislike?

  • How did your create your iconic 1970s NYC subway map?

  • Are e in “post-modernism”, “post-post modernism” or “neo-modernism”?

  • What if Indian Government appoints you to be the ambassador of design for the country how would you approach it?

  • Do you think that logo of Citibank would work in that vernacular in India?

  • Would you break your rules for the typefaces you use or open up to new typefaces?

  • In your opinion there will be global visual language, would it dilute the impact of local spirits?