Marc Andreessen Curated

Entrepreneur & venture capitalist


  • Why should we build the company around a product?

  • What qualities you think people should have more?

  • Why is timing important?

  • What does a new company need to do to get on the map?

  • What do you mean when you say there are no silver bullets, only lead bullets?

  • What is one of the big weaknesses of the tech companies ?

  • How do you prevent mediocrity from creeping in when a company is growing bigger?

  • How was Silicon Valley when you went there for the first time?

  • What’s your advice about entrepreneurship to students?

  • Is there anything in which you want to invest but you’re waiting for the right computer science guy to disrupt it?

  • How can universities be made more entrepreneurial?

  • What’s your leadership advice?

  • How is A16Z different from other VC firms?

  • How do you know if an investor is good?

  • How do you separate good ideas from bad ones?

  • What is the difference between the pitches that succeed to obtain funding and those which fail?

  • What effect will AI have on the industries?

  • What are the data challenges big enterprises are facing that they mention to you?

  • How do you think technology has evolved and how has it changed your approach?

  • Will you be investing in Asian countries like China and India?

  • How do you maintain the quality bar of your investments?

  • Which sector has the potential to be most disruptive?

  • How do you think Apple is doing on AI with respect to Amazon and Google?