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  • You have almost 2 and a half decades of experience in Human Resources working with fortune 500 companies like GE, American Express, and The Coca Cola, etc. Tell us more about your time at Sony Pictures?
  • What is your career advice to new HR professionals?
  • We must begin on a congratulatory note with well-merited kudos to Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) for being recognized amongst the 100 Best Companies for Women in India, by Working Mother and AVTAR, for the third time in a row. Could you let us in on the magic and tell us what makes SPN a great place to work for female talent, both within and outside the media industry?
  • Staying true to its title of being of an ‘Employer of Choice’, SPN recently pledged to take #PrideInDiversity. What initiatives have been introduced to foster this commitment towards inclusivity and building a conducive environment for all employees?
  • What, according to you, are the biggest challenges organizations face when educating employees on diversity and inclusion? How can the challenges be surmounted?
  • You have over 2 decades of rich experience across multiple industries and countries in steering workplace & people agenda of globally dynamic organizations like Sony Pictures, Coca-Cola, American Express, and GE. How have you seen the HR function evolve?
  • Communication between HR and employees is a crucial aspect of employee engagement and branding in any organization. How can social media platforms turn employee interactions with HR into delightful two-way conversations?
  • In providing a seamless employee experience from onboarding to offboarding, what common mistakes do you see HR teams making, and how can they be avoided?
  • How will the rising freelance and gig economy affect your role as a CHRO?
  • HR is a preferred career choice for many students and people seeking a professional change. Could you give a few quick tips for people who are newly transitioning into HR?
  • Digital transformations in HR. Firstly, how much of it is hype and how much reality? Secondly, there’s a heavy discussion in HR circles on striking an optimal balance between technology and human touch. What are your thoughts on this?
  • We have stepped into 2020, a new year, a new decade, and new goals to achieve. In your opinion what are the top 5 challenges HR leaders are facing today?
  • Technology, data, employee experience: What’s high on agenda?
  • The biggest challenge for HR in your sector?
  • Ladder-Shaped to Pulse-Shaped Compensation Mechanism?
  • Internal equality and internal equity?
  • Your views on Digital recognition and virtual medals?
  • With your rich experience of over two decades across multiple industries and countries and having worked for globally dynamic organizations, how would you describe this transcending journey of yours? What were some of the key elements in your journey which helped you soar professionally?
  • As digital technologies make it easier to work in a distributed manner, flat structures will become increasingly common. In your opinion, why is it time to re-design traditional company structures? Also, how will leadership work in these flat structures and self-managed teams?
  • HR is evolving and gradually becoming a partner with the top management in the growth of the organization. Can you explain how can organizations benefit from HR and management collaboration and by aligning HR Systems with business strategy?
  • Many firms today are looking to boost their competitive advantage through intrapreneurship and structural innovation. What role does HR play in the innovative process? In your opinion, how can HR leaders foster a culture of innovation through intrapreneurship?
  • When we talk about Artificial Intelligence and Technology on strategy, innovation and execution, how is Sony Pictures Networks India undertaking some unique experiments in this area? What challenges have you encountered so far in implementing these strategies?
  • Compensation & benefits help organizations to engage, retain and attract great employees. What have been the most significant developments in C&B over the last few years especially and how rewards strategy will be shaped in 2020 and near future?
  • In your opinion, CHANGE MANAGEMENT how has social media, social conversation, and digital in general changed the characteristics of “good” leadership over the last few years and how will this continue to evolve?
  • It is a time where the world around us is always changing and handling change becomes critical to an organisation’s success. According to you, what is the right strategic approach to ‘change management’ and how can one ensure preparedness and stability for change by empowering the human resources department?
  • The percentage of women tends to decrease as they climb the corporate ladder. According to you, how can build a pipeline of female leaders at all levels of the organisation help to get more women into leadership roles?
  • In your opinion, is happiness a consequence or cause of career success? Also, what are some of your good tips for achieving work-life balance in today’s competitive work culture?
  • In the early years of your career, what triggered the move from finance to HR?
  • What are some of the leadership lessons that guided you in your journey so far? Who is the one leader you look up to?
  • Considering the current pace of things that are impacting the world of work, what are the three key qualities that leaders should have?
  • Having worked with global organizations like Sony Pictures, Coca-Cola, American Express, GE, among others, what are some of the recurring workforce concerns you have encountered?
  • How can leaders build a scalable culture that can be replicated across geographies?
  • What would your advice be for talent leaders as they strive to build a digital workforce?
  • What are the top challenges that HR leaders face in the Total Rewards landscape when it comes to framing a successful strategy and implementing a total rewards system?
  • What is your take on the long-term impact of AI and other emerging technologies on jobs, people and the future of work?
  • What are your top priorities moving towards industrial revolution 4.0 ?
  • Nothing has changed significantly in areas of Variable pay but many changes are noticed in non-cash benefits, maternity leave, family leave, pension, etc. How do you see these innovations in employee benefits?
  • What is the best rewards strategy especially when we are going through a slowdown?
  • How the advancement of technology, especially analytics, helped the Rewards space and how are they transforming pay and benefit practices?
  • What is your Total Reward strategy? Can you share an instance of a successful total rewards implementation at Sony Pictures?
  • How important is Total Rewards Communication and how do you do that in your organization?

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