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  • How does Manoj Bajpayee manages playing difficult roles?
  • Manoj Bajpayee's take on web series?
  • Did Manoj Bajpayee said no to many directors at the beginning of his career?
  • What is the power of stories and the need for storytellers?
  • What do the Box Office results of Shubh Mangal Zyaada Saavdhan indicate?
  • What was your intention when you decided to back Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan?
  • Why should films like Aligarh make money at the Box Office?
  • What do you think about your co-star in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari, Fatima Sana Shaikh?
  • How do you manage to do such varied charecters?
  • Once Naseeruddin Shah had said that he could never be a mainstream actor because he didn’t have the conviction that an Amitabh Bachchan did. Is that true?
  • Do you ever get frustrated when you see people with far less talent than you enjoy the perks of fame – the endorsements, big cars… etc?
  • From 1993 to now, what’s the one essence on acting you’ve understood or learnt?
  • None
  • Does acting come to easy to you?
  • How was the actor 'evolved'?
  • Who are the actors who have inspired you?
  • What were your early days like?
  • Was the early struggle an easy one?
  • How do you select your roles?
  • What is your criteria while choosing a film? Do you look at the script, role, director, or production house?
  • Actors like Pankaj Tripathi consider you as their role model. He once said that after finding your shoes in a hotel room, where he worked before becoming an actor, he kept them with himself. How does it feel like to be inspiration for such artistes?
  • While good content seems to be important, movies like Aligarh and Newton are often ignored at popular award shows. How do you feel about it?
  • Are you a birthday person?
  • How has the journey shaped up for you to come to this conclusion that it’s an ‘impossible industry’?
  • How do you see the changing nature of filmmaking where star image has taken a back seat?
  • This new realistic film culture has also given a new recognition to theatre artists. Being a practitioner yourself, what creative edge according you, does theatre give to an actor?
  • You are one of those actors who are vocal about nepotism present in the industry. What is your advice to youngsters who struggle to get an entry?
  • What does international recognition mean to you?
  • Your life has been a remarkable one. You’ve made a journey from Belwa in Bihar to where you are now. What do your parents think of this?
  • If you had a choice, which actor would you have liked to be named after?
  • You had the good fortune of having some very good mentors and teachers. Who are some of these people that come to your mind?
  • What would be your take on getting rejected despite being good? What do people in those situations do?
  • In your college days, did your paths ever cross with Shah Rukh Khan’s in the world of theatre?
  • Who was your favourite actor in college?
  • Presently, you have a crush only on your wife, Shabana. How did you meet?
  • We know you now as a film actor but you have dedicated much of your life to theatre. What did it teach you?
  • How do you see the changing trends of filmmaking?
  • What creative edge do web series bring in recent times?
  • How Manoj Bajpayee portraits his role of Tiwari in 'Family man'?
  • How Manoj Bajpayee prepare himself for roles given to him?
  • What Manoj Bajpayee felt while playing Srikant?
  • Did Manoj Bajpayee enjoyed the role of Sardar?

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