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  • There is much buzz about the AAP edu­cation model. What are the three foremost reforms?
  • You’re making 'Education' your main political agenda for the upcoming election. Are you confident?
  • What are your plans for improving education?
  • You have a set of educated politicians in your party. Seeing opposition parties, do you think it’ll be an advantage?
  • How did the idea of 'Happiness Curriculum' evolve?
  • Any comments on parenting?
  • Delhi is infamously popular as the 'Rape Capital of India'. What about Sex Education?
  • AAP Manifesto 2015 promised 17,000 new teachers will be hired in government schools. Fulfilled?
  • How did Arvind Kejriwal support you to perform your role?
  • You have introduced grouping of students acc­ording to learning abilities. What about the self-esteem of those categorised as ‘weak’?
  • How do you react to the events of the past few days which have put university campuses in turmoil?
  • Is it a battle between ideology and free speech and thought? How do you see it?
  • Do you think the reasons are different ideologies and also the fact that values and aspirations of the youth do not match with what is being discussed these days?
  • Delhi saw a nightmarish pollution crisis last year. Have you planned anything special for this year?
  • Heath has been the second top-focus of your government. What special are you doing for the sector?
  • Almost everybody starts taking private tuitions from class 6, some even from class 3. Why?
  • What lies ahead for Delhi’s schools?
  • You allocated 24 percent of your total budget on education last year. We have seen swimming pools coming up in schools. Why so much focus on one particular sector?
  • Has the number of students reaching government schools increased?
  • Your government is lauded for proposed doorstep delivery of public service. From where did this idea come?
  • Do you ever see Delhi, the national capital of India, turning into a Mumbai? What is your view for Delhi’s economic development by large?

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