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  • Can you let us know about some insights gathered through your years of experience ?
  • Were you looking for the right kind of fit for your Mumbai meals or did you have reservations about cooking here ?
  • There has been a lot of speculation about Indian Accent opening here. Is Mumbai still part of your expansion plan ?
  • You’ve pioneered modern Indian food in the country. A lot of restaurants are doing the same thing now. What are your thoughts on the this ?
  • Yours is the only restaurant from India that has made it to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list and the World’s Best Restaurants list. Has this put any pressure on you? What do these awards mean to you ?
  • You focus a lot on vegetables and on food pairings. How do you expand your array of ingredients ?
  • How do you do research on ingredients?
  • When it comes to modern Indian cooking, how do you walk the line between making food that's edgy and food that’s gimmicky ?
  • The Delhi versus Mumbai food debate. What are your opinions ?
  • What’s the one restaurant that’s always on your list when you visit Mumbai ?
  • What is that one element of uniqueness in your Food Menu ?
  • Can you share some tips and tricks to design a Menu for a Casual-Dining Restaurant in India ?
  • How did you plan the Menus for Indian Accent and Comorin ?
  • What are your thoughts over Modern Indian Food ?
  • What are your Signature dishes ?
  • Please tell us about your process surrounding Inventive Indian Cuisines.

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