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About Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. Regarded as one of the greatest finishers in limited over cricket. Also regarded as the best wicket-keeper in the world. He is the first recipient of ICC ODI Player of the Year Award twice, the recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan awards. He is also the recipient of the honorary rank of the Lieutenant Colonel, conferred by the Indian Territorial Army.

Connect with Mahendra Singh Dhoni's life

  • Can you share your secret for staying cool under pressure?
  • What can India do to become a good sporting nation?
  • How did you decide that you wanted to be a cricketer?
  • What was your best moment as a cricketer?
  • Can you describe the first time you entered the Indian team’s dressing room as a player?
  • You have played under some astute leaders in your career. What have you picked from each of them as far as leading the team is concerned?
  • It must have been a unique experience to first play under them and then captain them! Was it seamless from the start or did you have to adapt to the new hierarchy?
  • You were groomed under the guidance of the big five. They spotted a potential leader in you. It was Tendulkar who suggested your name for captaincy. Did you ever get an idea that they are seeing you as India’s next captain?
  • The ICC Test Mace, ICC Champions Trophy, ICC World Cup 2011, ICC World Twenty20 – rate them in order of importance to you as a captain and cricketer and why?
  • You have always been a captain that backs the players he believes in. Does it get tough at times to defend that backing when the player doesn’t respond with performances?
  • The shots you play are unique but there is one shot people call it the helicopter shot – did you practise it as a young boy in Jharkhand when you were 16? Or is this a shot you have evolved over the years or does it just come naturally to you?
  • You keep, you bat, you captain. Have you ever felt tired in 2011? That enough is enough, I’m going with my wife to Ladakh or somewhere for one month, away from cricket? Have you ever thought, “Let me take a break from this game for one month”?
  • There are thousands of youngsters who want to be Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who idolise you, who want to be like you. What would you like to tell those young people?
  • Do you call yourself a wicketkeeper-batsman or a batsman-wicketkeeper?
  • Which was the quality that helped you become captain of the Indian team?
  • How was the feeling when you hit the ball for the winning six in the ICC Worldcup at the Mumbai Wankhede Stadium?
  • When the seniors were around, you had so many hands to guide you through your decisions as captain. But now you lead a very young team and you are pretty much on your own. How has that changed things for you?
  • Captaincy can be divided into two broad aspects – tactical and man-management. Which aspect have you found more challenging?
  • It’s well documented that you lead by instincts. Have you had to work towards finding the right balance between planning and being instinctive?

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