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Madonna (16 August 1958 – ) is an American singer, actress, dancer and movie star. She has sold over 300 million records worldwide, making her the best-selling female artist of all time. Madonna, often referred to as “The Queen of Pop”, has had a profound influence on music culture. She has pursued an independent approach to her career – writing most of her songs and constantly redefining her image. For pushing the boundaries of taste and behaviour, she has often courted controversy for upsetting religious and moral sensibilities.

Connect with Madonna 's life

  • When you take away the Madonna packaging and marketing, who are you at your core?
  • Tell us about your fears.
  • It is said that you no longer want people to dress like you. What do you mean by that? Do you still think the same?
  • What is Kabbalah?
  • What is the fundamental principle of your life?
  • How has the spiritual change you believe in affected your creativity?
  • You’re the queen of reinventing yourself. Have your transformations always been calculated?
  • You see yourself as limitless and constantly in transformation. Tell us about this.
  • What’s your proudest moment away from the limelight?
  • Do you worry about aging in general? Is yoga what’s kept you ageless?
  • What’s most important to you now?
  • It’s been said that children are a message you send into the world. What’s the message you hope your kids will embody?
  • What’s one thing that people misunderstand about you?
  • What are the things you are sure of in your life?
  • What would you say are your biggest flaws?
  • Do you do anything else to keep yourself on an even keel? Like meditate?
  • You were the oldest girl in a family of eight, and spent most of your adolescence running the household and nursing the other kids after your mother died. Did you resent having to do that?
  • Did you have any heroines or role models when you were a kid?
  • Is vulnerability an important quality to you? Most people equate vulnerability with femininity.
  • Do you find that a lot of men feel threatened by you, by your self-confidence and sense of sexual challenge?
  • What motivates you to change your image or to create a new character for each album of yours?
  • Does it annoy you that the press has devoted more attention to your image than to your music?
  • How do you develop a song?
  • Do you think acting and making music are very similar? Do they require you to use the same aspects of your personality?
  • Of the films and plays you’ve done, which do you think best shows your abilities as an actress?
  • What do you do to prepare yourself for a role?
  • Are you motivated by political concerns?
  • What prompted your move away from New York?
  • You mentioned that you like to challenge yourself. In 1979, you left Michigan for New York with just $35 in your pocket. So this time around, what kind of challenges have you faced as a single mother moving to a foreign city with four kids?
  • Was life in New York quite claustrophobic in comparison to Lisbon?
  • As an artist, whether it’s in film or music or writing, do you think your work is political?How so?
  • How do you stay motivated after accomplishing so much?
  • Do you still feel the same rush when you accomplish some new milestone? Or does it become commonplace?
  • What books do you read?
  • What do you like most about the art that you make?
  • You worked with some notable fresh talent on Rebel Heart, like rising hitmaker MNEK and a pre-Coloring Book Chance the Rapper. Who has your ear right now?
  • What are the songs you don’t want to do again?
  • How do you keep a healthy balance between new songs and your back catalogue?
  • I saw the Rebel Heart tour when you were in London and the DVD does a really good job of capturing what it was like to be in the audience. How do you go about that?
  • How do you put a show True Blue together? Where do you get the ideas?
  • Where’s your stage style from?
  • Make lots of records, or make lots of money?
  • Did you ever fall in love?
  • You had spoken about reincarnation. What were your past lives like?
  • How come you do soul music or ”soul pop”?

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