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About Lata Mangeshkar

One of the best-known and most respected singers in India, Lata Mangeshkar is an industry veteran with over 70 years experience, singing in a variety of languages and genres. She is a recipient of the prestigious Bharat Ratna.

Connect with Lata Mangeshkar's life

  • Could you tell us about your childhood? A sort of reflection on your beginnings?
  • Fans behave with extraordinary restrain with you. They never mob you. They worship you from a distance. Has it been difficult for you to live up to their expectations?
  • At one time you were accused of indulging in a melodious monopoly. What do you call the monopoly of cacophony today?
  • It is often said that composers made you sing songs at an unnecessarily high pitch just because you have the range?
  • What is your assessment of yourself as singer?
  • Who was your favourite co-singer?
  • What is the greatest gift you’ve received in your life?
  • Why have you always said no to an autobiography?
  • How do you hold back the temptation of hitting out at criticism?
  • What was the most valuable lesson you learnt in life from your mother?
  • Your advice to younger singers?
  • It is said you got the echo effect in ‘Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya’ by singing a bit of the song from the bathroom of the recording studio, and that once while recording a song for Salil Choudhury you fainted. Is this true?
  • Your improvisations often took your songs to another level. For example the ‘oye oye oye’ in the Bichua number from ‘Madhumati’?
  • You started working at the age of 13 (in 1942). Didn’t that scare you? Did you wish your life to be like that of other teenage girls?
  • You have completed nearly 75 years as a singer. How has the journey been?
  • You’ve sung for so many actresses. What do you think of the new generation of actors such as Shraddha Kapoor and Alia Bhatt?
  • How do you think the industry has changed over the years?
  • Do you miss your old colleagues?
  • Why have you stopped singing in Bollywood?
  • Do you have any regrets?
  • Tell us about your infamous rift with Mohammed Rafi.
  • Who was your favourite composer?
  • Which heroines did you enjoy singing for?
  • Whom among today’s actresses do you enjoy singing for?
  • Were there any other musical influences in your formative years?
  • Do you think that your training in classical music has proved useful to you in becoming a successful playback singer?
  • How was struggle that you had to go through during your early years to establish yourself as a playback singer?
  • Do you think that the influence of Western music on our film music has been healthy?
  • Which songs sung by you are the most popular, according to you? The ones that people identify with you most?
  • What was the one thing that you missed having in your life?
  • You have sung in 26 languages. Which language was the most difficult?
  • Which was your most memorable song recording ever?
  • What was the most valuable lesson you learnt in life from your mother?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • What saddens you in today’s Hindi music scenario?
  • Your career is what legends are made of. Which is that one most memorable moment for you?
  • With your career spanning over six decades, is there any composer you really miss and think that that things would have been different had they been around?
  • Do you listen to your songs?

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